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With many businesses moving online as a way of promoting themselves, you must find ways of doing it right. It is not enough to just have the desire to get your name out there. It must be followed up with a clear and implementable strategic plan.

Digital marketing is a very demanding endeavor. You can spend a lot of time on it and still be left with work to do. This gets worse if you have no clue about how to go about it and still do it anyway.

In your quest to drive new business, your website and overall digital strategy must have a direction and end product. One of the major components of digital strategy must be SEO according Todd Malicoat, in EDUCBA. By then end of this article you should have basic knowledge which you can implement on your business. In the meantime, here is a video that simplifies what SEO is all about and how it can benefit your business:

Search Engine Optimization In A Nutshell

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO according to Webopedia, is basically a set of practices and tools that are designed to help you achieve here rank on search engine results pages. This way you can drive more traffic to your site and invariably get more leads and conversions in the process. The following video should provide you with short preview of what SEO is about

As 2019, according to Danny Goodwin, SEO took on a broader scope other than simply tweaking keywords that was the case a decade or so ago. With these new and growing demands of this field, it has required website owners to adjust. Any slight letting up of the intensity while undertaking it means you will fall behind your competitors.

In short, SEO is a fulltime job that needs constant learning and devotion. You can either decide to do it in-house or outsource it. Most people prefer the latter to the former because it is easier and less demanding for them.

Tips For Creating A Good SEO Strategy

It was cursorily mentioned above that SEO has moved from a simple keyword use method on website to a complex serious of new functions. Also worth highlighting is that SEO is a changing field according to Moz. With these new added dimensions to it, you need ways of developing good strategies.

Below are main things you need to consider while developing a concrete, implementable strategy for your SEO endeavor.

Know Your Target

You must know who your target market is, according to Jayson DeMers on Forbes. This is non-negotiable because the main aim of modern day SEO is attracting high-value traffic. You need to employ various analytic tools to ensure that you know who they are so that you can tailor your content to attract them.

Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

Have you ever tested your site to see if it mobile-friendly? Google has in recent times given high priority to websites that mobile-friendly during indexing pages according to Matthew Lawson on Smile Savvy. This basically means that a change is needed if you have not made your website adaptable already.

Keep An Eye On New Search Engines

Do not fall into the same old notion of assuming that Google is the only game in town. Far from it. The search engine space is constantly expanding and you need to be alive to the new ones that are constantly coming out. They have potential visitors whom you can generate leads from and possibly convert.

Trends On What Your Target Market Is Searching For

Changes abound in tastes and preferences. What your target market is looking for now might change later. You must make it your mission to find what your target market is looking for and keep your pulse on the changes they have.

You must always keep in mind that this field is constantly changing. Fall behind and your competitors will eat you for breakfast. Simply put, you must always be on top your game to be at the top.

Debunking 5 SEO Myths

It was highlighted that SEO is an ever-changing field that requires you to constantly learn and adjust. Nonetheless, some of the old ways of doing things still dominate our thinking. This section highlights the myths that have dominated SEO thinking and how they are holding you back.

Content Is Still King

The only caveat is this that relevant content is king. Anything short of that means oblivion for your website after indexing.

All Links Are Equal And Good

Today, there has been a growing emphasis on the quality of the links provided. Not all links are created equal. Outbound links need to be very high quality and relevant to your site.

You need to do thorough due diligence about the outbound links you have so that you can build up your credibility and ranking.

Navigation Does Not Matter

Some people still assume that as long as they have content, the design of their site does not matter. Unfortunately, it does and you must ensure your site easy to navigate. Your visitors will thank you immensely for it.

Invest in a good web designer who will make your website easy to navigate. It does not hurt to have a pleasant looking website as well.

Social Media Is Not Influential In SEO

Those who thought this was the norm did not envisage how widespread it would become. If you neglect social media as part of your strategy, you will be missing out on one way it impacts ranking in SERPs.

As you craft your SEO, put a social media strategy in play as well. Include a link to your website in the page allowing your social media audience to connect to your website. This way you increase your traffic as well.

No Monitoring Is Required

Some people still hold the view of letting nature take its course as far as SEO is concerned. They will undertake an SEO campaign but neglect tracking and measuring it because they assume it will work. If you do that that today, you will wind up in SERP oblivion.

You need to keep track of the progress you make. In fast and dynamic SEO environment, any new insight gained can make the difference in your campaign. These new changes will require you to make new adjustments so that you can get the desired results.


Working on SEO is essential to the success of your website in SERPs according to Kathleen Booth. These essential tidbits will ensure you get started well in your SEO journey. They will only work for you if you implement them.

Act today and watch them work.