What Is SEO In Blogging?

What Is SEO In Blogging? - BillLentis.com


Blogging is the form of writing that allows the writer to express views, share information or suggest a solution for the particular queries posed by the searchers on the internet. The blogging aspect of writing comes with a great variety to serve the readers. However, in order to rank the posts, you need to use the search engine optimization technique. Without the use of this technique, you cannot accept your audience to reach your blog post. There is a one prominent aspect of using SEO in blog post and that is using SEO techniques becomes easier when it comes to blogs. Blogs can have an engaging tone. Through which you can incorporate the keywords for your search engine quite easily. Some of the specific tips for SEO in blogging are presented here:

Use Long-Tail Keyword

We have suggested the use of long tailed keyword for blogging because they can help you write the content focused on the query posed by the searchers. By using the long tailed keyword, you will be able to create the desired level of engagement. According to Lindsay Kolowich, You can use a keyword twice in a particular blog post but don’t go beyond that otherwise that would be included in keyword stuffing. However, you can definitely consider using more than one keyword in a specific blog post for the ranking purpose.

Choose The Right Place For The Keyword

Simply using the keyword does not serve the purpose alone. You need to incorporate it at the right place in your blog. What is the right place? Open Vine Solutions suggest you must include it in the title tag, URL of your blog along with the Meta description. Needless to say that the once or twice usage of the keyword indicated above for the creation of effective blog post is apart from this use of keywords.

Meta Description Must Be Given Important

If you aren’t sure what is Meta description. Let us help you with that. Open your Google homepage and right any random word. The results shown by Google would include the title tag, URL of the page and two lines of text below it. These two lines of text is the Meta description. You should try to utilize this space to intrigue customers about your blog. According to Hacks, Tell them what they can see and how could it be relevant. Moreover, the use of keyword is important here as well, so don’t forget that.

Mobile Friendliness Of The Blog

With the increasing mobile phone searches, it is essential that your blog must be optimized for the mobile phone devices. Firstly, because there is a high probability that your audience will search for the query through mobile phone, so it is essential that when the page is opened through mobile, it must show the proper results. Secondly, the algorithm of page ranking gives higher importance to the mobile friendliness websites and blogs. If your blog would not be mobile friendly, you’ll not be able to get any space in the top results. Thus, resulting in higher chances that your blog won’t be clicked on, according to Word Stream.

Images Are Important And So Is Their Optimization

Images can attract the users towards the content. Therefore, a clear image depicting what you have written in the blog post is important. Moreover, the images can also increase the overall staying time of your audience on your website. From the perspective of the search engine, images can be the source of traffic for your blog post, if you have provided the search engines with the right kind of keyword to track your image. In order to generate the optimized version of your image for your blog post, you must use alt tags and specify the main keyword in it. Only then can you expect search engines to rank your image too.

Use Tags Wisely

Using tags wisely is the best thing that you can do for optimizing a blog. You need to ensure that you are not using similar kind of tags in a particular post, as they would be considered in the duplication of content. According to Quick Sprout, if you can manage to use the right kind of tags for your post, you can expect to categories your blog post and help the search engine in finding the content in a better way.

Internal Linking

Even if you are running a blog, it is recommended that you must link your posts with the previously written ones. Rank Fishkin proposes that this will help your users is finding the relevant content without requiring you to write it up again. And at the same time, search engines build credibility and relevance of your posts through the internal linking. Although internal linking is not the only factor for building credibility but it is amongst the most important ones.

Use Topic Cluster Model For Ranking

You can use the hierarchical model for ranking your posts and the entire blog too. But it would generate high competition within different posts of yours’ too. So, to avoid internal competition and better ranking, you can use the topic cluster model to generate the best results.

The video explains the SEO blogging tips:


SEO for anything is similar to each other. A few minor differences optimize the SEO for a particular type of content. For example, the images you are using on your product website and your blog can be optimized in the same way for SEO. So, going for SEO is the need of the hour and you must try to learn the basic techniques or hire an expert for this purpose.