Advancing With Social Media

Advancing With Social Media -


If you are an entrepreneur, then there is a huge possibility that you are already in the practice of using social media platforms and different methods to promote your business. However, if you have not established the name of your business on social media platforms, then you should take this opportunity very seriously.

With respect to statistics regarding social media use, eighty two percent of small businesses use social media platforms. Among these platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. These social media platforms help a business grow. If you still think or you are confused about joining social media platforms and if it is going to help you in the growth of your business, then this article will help you in making such a decision.

These social media platforms play a significant role in the progress of your business. Many people find about a business and the products and services that it offers, through social media platforms. This is mainly because people search for things they hear about, and they want to know more about. If a business doesn’t have a social media account, then customers won’t be able to know more about it, which would negatively affect the business.

There are six reasons below, which will lessen your confusion about what social media can do for you.

1. Social Media Informs People

Social media platforms will inform people about your business, and this is not a hoax, but a reality.

Every business needs exposure, in order to attract people, and the exposure that social media gives businesses is a good thing. However, the important thing here is that social media helps businesses in developing relationships with customers, in particular, the target audience of the company. Through social media platforms, a business would be able to gain followers, make connections with customers and engage with potential customers, who don’t know much about your business yet. Another important thing that social media platforms can give you is the opportunity to communicate with those, who have done business in the past or started their own businesses. They can help create inspiration for you and even use their own followers to create awareness about your business.

2. Social Media Is Cost Effective

If you add a lot of algorithms to different platforms and social media networks, then it might have a negative impact on the organic content you post. There are advertising options that different social media platforms give to their users, and you can easily use these options to make people aware of your business. You can spread quality content, include special deals and offers. The best part about advertising on social media is that these platforms are inexpensive and a business gets to reach a wide audience.

3. Social Media Is Popular

Social media platforms are very popular amongst people, and consumers use it to get to know about new products and services, and to seek opinions about others. This is a known fact.

Pew Research Center reveals that in America alone, about 65% of adults use social media platforms. This means that no matter what the nature of your product or service is, you can reach different customers on social media.

As for small business, they can make use of Facebook because it has over 1.5 billion monthly users. This means that if a small business use Facebook, then they would be able to reach their target audience. If a business has just started and it is their first advertising campaign, then Facebook is the answer for them.

4. Social Media Marketing Reaches Everyone

Social media doesn’t have an age limit and anyone can make a social media account. In the USA alone, the Pew Research Center reveals that sixty five percent of adults use these social media platforms.

From 2005-2015, the age group of 30-49, started using social media networks more. The age of the target audience doesn’t matter, because it is more likely that they use a social media platform and want your business to promote its products and services there.

5. Social Media And Two Way Conversation

Social media makes it possible for business to get to know more about their customers. When they use social media, they have the chance to learn what their potential customers want. They can also ask questions from their target audience and get feedback, which can help them in improving their products and services.

Businesses should communicate with their followers and customers and encourage them to share their thoughts on the company’s products and services. Customers should be asked how they want to be approached, and what the company should know about them. The best thing here is that it is a way two way communications, which means a company, would be able to directly communicate with the customer without any delay. The customer would also feel valued, as he would get his reply right away, and won’t have to worry about the company not reading their response.

6. Social Media and Sharing Of Information

Different social media platforms give customers the chance to get more information about a business. Such social media platforms give brands the opportunity to give customers update about their products and services, and any future events that may interest the customer.

The profiles of different brands and companies are public on social media, which means anyone can access them. This gives a business much needed exposure. This also means that when a customer searches for a business on Google, then that public profile would appear in the search engine results, as it is indexed. This way, a business can make sure that when the name of the brand is searched on the internet, then the customer gets the desired search results.

Social media marketing can save costs for a company, and it can make the target audience of the company, aware about its products and services. It can help in the growth of the business as well.