Can Microwaves Kill Bacteria?

Can Microwave Kill Bacteria -
The main objective of microwaves is to save time for those, who want to reheat or cook food. Microwave ovens can really help people grill food, defrost frozen items, cook, and reheat food. This product has the ability to be effective, if people use it correctly. Go check out best microwave.

However, microwaves don’t kill bacteria, but they create such heat that can kill bacteria found in food. Most people have the misconception that a microwave cooks from the inside out, but in reality, a microwave cooks from outside in. This means, that the surface of the food cooks, and the inside of the food remains frozen – Medicaldaily.

If people do want to kill bacteria using a microwave, then they have to fully frost foods, and then cook them for the correct amount of time. It is important that the walls of a microwave are clean and there is no food spillage, or else the microwave won’t be able to produce heat.

Can Microwave Kill Salmonella Bacteria?

Salmonella bacteria affects the intestinal tract and causes salmonella infection. This bacteria is found in animals and human intestines and sheds when a person passes stool. Humans get infected with this disease when they drink contaminated water – Hygiene Food Safety.

When people don’t cook meat properly, then that meat is at risk of getting affected by Salmonella bacteria. This is a very serious bacteria and should not be taken lightly, because it gives people nausea, fever and even cramps. Before putting meat in the microwave oven, it is best to properly wash down its surface. If someone wants to cook raw meat, then it has to be washed properly.

Before putting the meat in the microwave oven, a person should take a paper towel and wipe any dirt from the microwave oven. Then, he should buy an antibacterial cleaner and wipe the microwave oven with it, for at least a minute. Next, to properly clean the anti bacterial cleaner from the microwave oven, use hot water and a dishrag. When people chop meat into pieces, they should make sure that the knives and the cutting board are properly cleaned. If they are not properly cleaned, then this can cause food poisoning among people – eHow.

How To Microwave Sponge Bacteria?

The sponge that people use to wash dishes, it needs cleaning every now and then. Microwaving the sponge is an effective way of killing bacteria. All a person needs is to saturate the sponge in water, and then heat the sponge in the microwave for two minutes. This way, while washing dishes, a person won’t have to worry about their dishes being infected by bacteria.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that microwave can’t alone kill bacteria, but the heat that the microwave generates, kills the bacteria. If people ignore bacteria and don’t put any effort in killing them, then they are making a mistake. The bacteria cause indigestion, bloating, diarrhea and a feeling of fullness or loss of appetite.