What Is SEO Guest Posting

What Is SEO Guest Posting - BillLentis.com


If you are a blogger, getting to attract an enormous traffic towards your website is something that you must do. After creating your amazing content, guest posting is one of the most amazing marketing strategies to use to grow a huge audience.

Guest Posting Basics

The meaning of guest posting is quite easy, posting as a guest on someone else blog. Making any kind of contribution to another person blog where you acquire external backlink to your website will definitely widen its exposure. You need to check out billlentis.com/what-is-seo-friendly-blog.

For any blogger who isn’t satisfied with the traffic level of the site, you must invest sufficient time in guest posting. It will be worth your while because you will enhance your chances of other people getting to view your post.

Building relationships with other bloggers is vital. If you are new in the blogging world, get in touch with the pros who have vast experience with huge traffic. You make a good combination of content marketing and performance advertising according to Neil Patel to guarantee success.

By creating a good professional relationship with another blogger, you are creating a good network and connections which will prove vital later. Due to the huge influence that some bloggers have, it makes it easy for their followers to relate with you.

Some of the major essentials of guest posting are well elaborated in this video:

You get to learn more on why guest posting is worth every time and penny and who benefit most and least.

Guest Posting Enhances SEO

Any time that you contribute to a new blog, you end up securing new links on the new sites. This is a vital impact that guest posting has on your website’s SEO. A link is gauged by Google in several aspects such as page and domain the link is on, placement of a page link and anchor text.

Strive to get the normal links rather than the nofollow links. Generally, your link is placed within an articles’ body which is related to the elaborated context that supports the article. Commonly, guest posts contain biographical paragraph which contain information of your background and company.

According to Gregory Ciotti, a good writing will always stand tall with no decorations hence create unique and quality content. As a guest blogger, you should try convince the owner of the website to place your link in the body of the article.

Amazing posts will definitely attract huge traffic if the owner of the blog is influential. With your link on the post, most readers will likely click and get to view your posts hence widening your potential clients.

How To Get Guest Posting Right

You must carry out niche hunting process wisely if you want to succeed in guest posting according to Reginald Chan. First, search for some of the best sites which will host you on Google. Numerous sites provide lists of blogs that are for guest hosting but be careful because not all are reliable.

If you are aiming for specific kind of hosting, go for those that favor your specialty. When searching, balance between likelihood of the blog preferred accepting to host you and quality needed. You have to apply through writing some emails- as many of them and expect rejection a couple of times.

Be Careful

You must know that a good guest post isn’t about your services, products or business. Your guest post is an important source of information and not an advertisement. When you are creating these posts, focus on different things; since details about the business are found on the author’s bio. According to Marcus Sheridan content marketing leads to massive sales if handled in the right way.

A valuable blog has an enormous traffic and you must consider it. You have to post your links to websites which attract an active and bigger audience. Compare different sites and choose the best.

Google doesn’t condone paying for any links. A penalty of huge manual reduction on the rankings of your search engine will be inflicted on you if caught so be cautious. You might be requested to pay for something to be published, don’t accept.

Think About The Following

According to Danny Iny you can easily turn your customers to be your biggest promoters if you follow some steps. Ensure that many people get to know your product or service. Through guest posting, you get a good chance to get attention of new readers who will end up as your clients.

Guest Posting; Some Truths

According to Jon Haver, it’s easy to get a high quality link through guest posting. Creating a goggle document that will help you keep track of guest posting operation is essential. Some blog owners hardly or never accept guest posts for some reasons. For your article to be accepted, it must be of high quality and well summarized. If you only care about the link rather than the post you will be rejected so ensure you’ve created an outstanding post.

Good Times For Guest Post Pitching

Sean Ogle highly emphasizes the importance of guest posting in growing your own audience, search rankings and email list. Making sure a blog owner gets to read your email, reading it and saying yes are the steps towards landing a guest post.

You must take advantage of any opportunity that arises when looking for a quality guest post since they aren’t easy to come by. When your name, product or business gets mentioned or listed on their social media or posts; seize the moment!

If the blog gets to publish a guest post and drops an advert that they are searching for the guest posts, grab the opportunity. Before getting in touch with the blog owner, make sure that you have understood the guidelines and follow them keenly.


Take full advantage of guest posting today to not only get new connections but also to attract more customers. Since it isn’t easy to guest post and continue with your blog content, also have guest bloggers posting on your site. By doing so, you get to have fresh and new content to for the new readers.