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In this article we will start with the basics and all that you need to know about blogging. The first question that we will be asking is; what is a blog? By definition a blog can be termed as an online journal that displays information with the latest posts appearing first. The writer or group or writers who avail information to this online journal are referred to as bloggers.

Difference Of A Blog And A Website

Is there really a difference between a blog and a website? There is a big difference between a blog and a website. A website in most cases consists of static web pages that are rarely updated. A blog on the other hand is geared towards reader engagement and is updated on a regular basis. A blog further allows the audience to contribute by allowing them to comment on the posts that are made. Today, many websites are incorporating blogs to their website so as to boost traffic to their website. Go to billlentis.com/what-is-seo-for-homepage.

Benefits Of Blogging On Your Website

Blogging is very popular today for a number of reasons, top of which is audience engagement. There are a number of advantages that blogging holds for the brand and website in question. In this section we shall take a look at the benefits that are associated with blogging.

One benefit that you can be sure to enjoy has to do with search engine traffic. As a website owner, we all want to rank higher on search engines and blogging helps in this particular regard. With more and more content on your blog, the better your visibility and consequently an improvement in traffic on your website. How does this work? Blogging as we have stated above, involves creating content on your blog that is aimed at engaging users in the niche of your choice. With this being said, a blog will give you more opportunities to net more traffic to your website.

Another advantage of blogging on your website is that it helps humanize your brand. As we have already pointed out, a blog is aimed at engaging your audience and through it you can make your brand more human. What this means is that you will be able to touch on issues that are of interest to your audience which might not have necessarily been captured on the static pages of your website. Share your voice and personality through your blog. This further cements the trust and likeability of your brand by your potential audience.

Through blogging it is possible to improve on your social media initiatives. The main reason you have and own a website is because you want to improve the visibility of your brand and even drive more sales to your business. This is only possible through your social media handles. It is important to share content that directs people to your website and one great way of doing this is through your blog.

What Is An SEO Friendly Blog?

Now that we have a good understanding of what a blog is, let’s see how we can leverage it to give better results through search engine optimization. Search engine optimization basically ranks your website on highest level on google search engine by getting maximum visitors. This is according to Wiki. So how do we optimize the content on your blog?

The first thing to consider when optimizing your blog content has to do with the keywords. Focus on a maximum of two long tail keywords that will be more specific to what your audience would be looking for. Unlike popular belief where you stuff a number of key words in your blog posts, focusing on at most two long tail keywords is more effective. This further translates to ensuring that the blog post that you are working on should read naturally with your audience in mind. This way you will get to capture a wider audience and further grow your following.

Another way of search engine optimizing your blog posts is by focusing on the content that will appeal to your audience. In as much as you will have two keywords that you will be looking to spread through your blog posts, the main aim should be to make sure that you answer a particular question that your audience will be interested in.

To further optimize your blogs, you should make sure that your blog is mobile friendly. Google displays mobile friendly results first and the rest come in later. By making sure that your blogs have a responsive design, you are well on your way to reaping the benefits of a search engine optimized website.


Other than having a website, there is a lot of work in ensuring that you get the effect that you want your website to have. Today, the importance of websites is pretty obvious and the higher the rank that you get, the higher the returns in terms of traffic to your website. The one sure way of achieving this is through blogging and further, optimizing your blog with SEO.

There are clearly many benefits that come with search engine optimization for your website. First is that you get a higher ranking for your website. The ranking will help bring more visitors to your website and further improve on your authority in the field that you are involved in. With customers engaging with you, there is a tendency of them sharing your blogs and heeding to your call of action. Yet another advantage is that you get to improve on the quality of your website. From speed to responsiveness, you stand to benefit quite a lot in as far as your website and blog goes. We have a video we feel you should watch to help you further build on your website and get to improve on the quality of your SEO blog: