What Is SEO-Friendly Content

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SEO-friendly content is basically content designed for enhancement of the website’s placing on search engines with a view of improving a site’s traffic.

It is vital that this type of content be created well and consistently. This article explores tips and key reasons why you need to stick to them to come up with good SEO-friendly content. The following video will introduce you to what SEO-friendly content:

Tips To Adhere To When Creating SEO-Friendly Content

Let’s be honest: it can be quite intimidating thinking about the magnitude of the task in front of us when creating SEO-friendly is concerned. In most people minds, generating content can be quite a bruising and tiresome affair. However, it need not be as long as you keep it simple.

The following tips outlined should help simplify your quest to create SEO friendly content.

Titles, Headlines And Sub-Headings

Robert Morris aptly puts it that putting headlines and sub-headings make it easy for visitors to skim through content. Visitors will take one second or two to decide whether or not content is engaging enough to stay on the page.

This should challenge you to create content that is quick and easy to read. People will readily share what they view as helpful and easy-to-read content, according to Jennifer Yesbeck.

In developing your titles, headlines and sub-headings, you need to ensure that these things are: engaging, induce curiosity, show a clear benefit, credible and comprehensive.

Attention spans online are quite short. Sweor says that it only takes 0.05 for the average website visitor to make two critical decisions about your site. The first one is whether they like it or not and whether they want to stay on it or not.

With such a short window, 60 characters in the title tag in fact according to Moz, to make a great first impression, engagement must be done right way. This can be done by carefully choosing the titles. This will call for a bit of experimentation on your part so that you can find the right words which fit what you are trying to do.

As for the other parts of being curious, enticing, credible and comprehensive, the following video should show you the same:

Link To Previous Content

It is important to establish credibility as business owner online. Links from high quality sites and high-quality content you made in the past will help you do that.

Search engines are really big on giving their users with relevant information from credible and authoritative sources. At least that goes without saying, but still it still needs to be reiterated all the same.

Alejandro Rioja says that links are imperative in building domain authority. This authority translates to high ranking after indexing.

The aim here is to establish trust with your visitors which will translate to more traffic and a higher ranking. It is more or less a cycle.

As you seek out links to add to your site, ensure that they are working and relevant to the content you are posting. They also need to be current or else your credibility as an authority in your niche will take huge nosedive.

Optimize Article Length

Sweor points out that long content improves rankings. They highlight a study undertaken by SerpIQ in 2012, marketing research firm where it was reported that the top 10 results in search query had content with over 2000.

The conclusions drawn from these numbers was that Google and other search engines favor long-form content over short.

This can be attributed to the depth with which content is explored. Search engines are of the view that long content is more detailed and hence more relevant than short-form content.

You still need to develop high-quality content that is relevant and helpful to visitors looking for information in your niche. Any thin or not well-thought content will get you relegated to the oblivion of SERPs.

High-Quality And Well Researched Content

Value is what people and search engines look for when they examine content. For people, they are looking for information that will give them value and help them solve this problem or another. Search engines look for value in the content while indexing because they stake their reputation on offering results that have value to their users.

Your job is to create thoroughly researched content that offers solutions to people reading it. Seek out authorities in the areas to reinforce your points. This will give your audience and search engines a clear indication that you know what you are talking about.

Get The Right Keywords

Keywords had and have been one of the cornerstones of SEO. The right keywords in your content will go a long way in getting you to a better ranking in SERPs.

To aid in your quest to get the right keywords, you will need a variety of keyword research tools. Lindsay Kolowich highlights 9 tools that should get you started in keyword research. She highlights both free and paid tools for your consideration.

In recent times, there has been more and more emphasis on long-tail keywords. The reason for this is that these keywords do not have tough competition. Tim Soulo and Rand Fishkin have attested to this fact.

For more help in getting long-tail keywords, Tomaz Srpcic sheds more insight into the types of tools that will aid you in this.

Make Content Shareable

Want more traffic to your site? Include share buttons in your site and encourage people to share your content to spread the message.

This plays on the propensity for people to share content they view and feel is helpful to others. Courtney Seiter sheds more light into this propensity in her article in Buffer. In it, she outlines a variety of other reasons why people share things in social media.

Thus, you should create your content with a view of capitalizing on this propensity.

Final Thoughts

In the end, getting to the first page of SERPs will take some time. You still need to be patient in addition to persistent while keeping the big picture in mind. Keeping your content fresh, exciting and relevant is just of the steps you need to take.

The aforementioned tips for the creation of SEO-friendly content should spur you in the right direction. Follow them and see how they can serve you in your quest for top-performance in your SEO endeavor.