Digital Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Digital Marketing Strategies For Small Business -


Adam Erhart discusses top 20 digital marketing strategies, in this video, that small businesses can use to succeed:

Irresistible Offer

Brands should come up with offers that consumers can’t refuse – The Balance. These offers should be such that directly speaks to the consumer or is a reflection of what they want, like ending their problems or frustrations.

Lead Magnets

Companies should offer customers something tangible, like a book, in exchange for their contact information or the information that they need about their customers. For example, news websites ask their customers to sign up, in order to access an article that they want to read, and i.e. is a lead magnet.

Website SEO

Using SEO in digital marketing is very important, because it creates awareness among customers about a brand. Marketers should focus on keywords, titles, headings, which are on page factors and quantity and quality of content, which are off page factors.

Google 3-Pack SEO

Marketers should focus on bringing their website at the top of search engine results, and if the website is not in the top results, then they need to make changes to the SEO content.

Audio Marketing

Audio marketing should be chosen keeping in mind the target audience of the company. Audio marketing tools like podcasts, Spotify ads and even radio are used to create awareness about products and services. However, podcasts and Spotify are more effective as tools of audio marketing – Just Creative:

Email Marketing

When companies acquire customer contact information, then they should use email marketing to offer customer with attractive things like coupons or special offers. However, they should never spam their customer’s inbox. If it won’t be effective then direct mail can be an effective tool as well.

Content Marketing

When marketers pursue SEO marketing, then they should produce creative and helpful content. It doesn’t have to be just articles, but videos, podcasts and pictures too.

Video Marketing

This is an effective tool, and it is very close to face to face communication – Digital Marketing Institute: Companies usually make animations, but they should also feel comfortable with making videos, where a person explains things or talks about products or services, as it is more effective.


Small businesses should focus on writing creative content, that is helpful to customers and explains them about what the business does. When writing an article, a marketer should focus on creating a hook, write about the benefits of the product that they are promoting and then create a call-to-action for the customer.

YouTube Marketing

This is an effective tool, where the marketer can create videos and add value to the marketplace. However, it should be more about organic side, which means explaining content to customers that they are searching for.

Facebook Personal Page & Ads

Marketers can create a personal Facebook page, where they can educate customers about their business and connect with the customers at the same time; this includes creating ads about products and services.


Retargeting is all about following up with the customer, after they have seen a business ad

Google Display Network

This allows marketers to put up banner ads and it is very cost effective, when showed to those who engage with a business content.

The last three strategies focus on creating customer value and the importance of testimonials and case studies.