What Is SEO Directory Submission

What Is SEO Directory Submission - BillLentis.com


You all must have little directories with you, from the past, where you used to store phone numbers of people, along with their email addresses. This is what an SEO directory submission is all about.

According to school4seo.com, directories are websites which store business names, along with their information and it is similar to a telephone directory. In this directory, there are URLs of websites, under different categories and subcategories. If you have submitted your link to the web directory, then this is called directory submission.

SEO And Directory Submission

When you submit your website to the directory, then it helps you create backlinks for your website. You should submit your website under a suitable category and sub category and should include some details along with it.

When you get backlinks, then it has a positive impact on your website, as it increases traffic and when traffic is increased, it can also improve the ranking of your website, making it more visible for users.

3 Different Types

According to rankwatch.com, there are three types of directory submission, and they are explained further in this article, to give you a clear sense about the directory, that I am discussing.

Free Listing

In this type of directory submission, you can submit the URL of your blog, and you won’t be charged for it. This is the best type of directory submission, because it is not a fan of paid listing. If you submit your URL to free listing, then you can also gain the benefit of getting back links, which are of high quality, and that too, from free listing websites. So, what more could you ask for?

As the name suggests, when you submit your blog to a web directory, you have to pay money for it. So, if you have free listing, then why would you go for free listing? This is because with paid listing, you can get instant approval. However, the fact that Google doesn’t like paid links is something that would stop you from submitting your URL to this directory. According to affilorama.com, you might get penalized for doing this.

Reciprocal Listing

In this type, you can simply include the link of the web directory, on your website. When you take such a step, then the directory will approve your website/blog.

Submitting Your Blog

According to networksolutions.com, you can submit your blog to a directory, and there are some simple ways to do so. Just make note of the following things, that are needed to fill in the details:

• The title of the blog or website
• The URL of the blog or website
• The description of the website or the blog; it should be maximum 100 words
• The email address of the website or the blog, or your own
• The name of the site’s author
• RSS Feed

The four main steps of a directory submission are:

• Place the primary keyword that you have decided on beforehand, in the Title field
• Submit a description that does justice to your blog or website
• Submit the URL of your blog, website or webpage, that you want to be ranked, in the title field
• Submit contact details of your business, like your email ID

A moderator will approve your listing, and you have to wait for it, particularly if you have submitted the details to approval based directories. When the directory sends a confirmation email to your email address or ID, then you have to click on the link that you have received, so that the approval process can be continued.

Benefits Of Directory Submission

You must be asking yourself the basic question of why go through the hassle of submitting your website or blog for directory submission. Is it a wasted effort? Is it too old schooled? Following are some of the benefits that you should consider in order to answer your questions.

Faster Indexing

According to visual.ly, when you submit your website or blog for submission, it will be detected, Google would send crawlers to it, which will lead it to being indexed and if needed, re-crawled at a quick speed.

If quality directories are linking to your blog or website, then this would result in more of your pages being indexed in the search engines and that would be very good for your website ranking. The fact here is that Google uses quality directories, as it is part of their algorithm, and gives them a calculation for their page ranking aspect and search engine results page.

Back Links

This is the main benefit of directory submission. They give you high quality back links, and when search engines decide on who to place at the top of the first page of search engine results, then they consider the back links that you have. This is a really easy way to build back links for your blog or website.

Brand Awareness

According to submitedgeseo.com, directory submission is a necessary factor, if you want to increase brand awareness. This is because when your website or blog are listed in the web directory, then they can help you build on the relevance of your keywords, and this can increase the traffic on your website.

This is an affordable SEO strategy for making people aware about your brand, because most of the web directories are free and are of high quality. The ones that do charge an amount, to speed up the process, don’t charge a very expensive amount.

If you think that this is a tedious process, then you can always seek the services of an internet marketing expert. An internet marketing expert will help you know which directory submission should be the best and the things that you need avoid and consider.

Don’t think less of directory submission, because it is an integral part of SEO. However, if you still have doubts about why you should spend time on this aspect, then you need to watch this informative video.