What Is SEO Difficulty?

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SEO difficulty is also known or can be described as keyword difficulty. Now according to SEO Monitor.com SEO difficulty simply means the difficulty of getting your page ranked top amongst other SERP results. The SEO difficulty is designed to measure how difficult it would be to get your website or keywords ranked top in Google search result pages and other popular search engines result pages.

The SEO Difficulty Explained

Usually every website owner would want their website to rank highest on Google and other pages. The one thing SEO experts are good at is making sure websites get to their highest rankings and traffic is blown to the website. However in the concept of SEO difficulty, there are two things that a landing page would need to be ranked top. These two things include:

1. Topical Authority

What is topical authority? It is that concept in which a website is said to have authority over a full topic rather than just keywords. Google would definitely rank most websites that have better authority in a particular topic or topics on the top list than other websites that may not have as much strong authority in some popular topics. When it comes to understanding SEO difficulty, one way to find out is to calculate or evaluate your website’s topical authority to see if it can be compared with other pages topical authority which are in the top ten. Also need to find out how many pages that has a more topical authorities than your pages and to know what it takes to top these landing pages to get pass them to their tops. For example a website that makes weekly reviews on the topic baseball will have more ranking when it comes to finding anything related to baseball than other websites that may not have dedicated so much on the topic baseball.

Establishing Topical Authority

When it comes to establishing topical authority, this goes beyond just content depth of an article as there are other factors that play out in the off-page and on-page relevancy. In cases where you want Google to rank your website top and also at the same time pay you commissions. Yu would definitely have to establish that avenue, for example, you have decided to write on the topic “fashion in Africa” you won’t just write one article about this topic and expect Google to rank your website as according to Nichepursuits.com.

You have to broaden your topic to form other topics under “fashion in Africa”, probably topics like “Ankara fashion in Africa” “the rise of the fashion world in Africa”. These topic gives Google the understanding that your topics are clustered around Fashion in Africa. This would help to establish a strong topical authority and thus giving Google no other choice but to rank your page highest.

2. Keyword/Topic Target

Just like I earlier said, getting passed SEO difficulty means focusing on a particular topic or keyword. Just according to SEO Monitor the most considerations falls on the most important on-page SEO factors which includes the page title and also the Meta descriptions.

Based on these two factors, you would find out that SEO difficulty is calculated or measured based on landing pages, keywords and topics. This depending, the SEO difficulty can be in different categories of either easy, medium or hard. The extent of difficulty would be considered easy where it takes very little time and energy or effort. It is considered medium where it might take some significant time and effort and hard where focusing efforts is totally unadvisable at all.

What Makes SEO Difficulty Hard?

SEO difficulty can be in its hardest form where there are some factors. These factors include:

– Where the topic is also the keyword.
– The existing top ten landing pages have more topical authority than your page.
– Below the top ten, there are other eleven pages with more topical authority than you do.

Good Value For SEO Difficulty

The value is usually calculated based on scaling between 0-100. The ranking of a website is becomes easier depending on the value. So the lower the value, the higher the ranking. What this simply means that where the value of your website niche is low there is a greater chance that the landing pages would be ranked top on Google’s SERP. The higher the value of a particular topic or keyword, there is a very slim chance that your website would definitely not get a chance of being ranked amongst the top 10 or even top 20.

Creating And Evaluating SEO Value Of A Content Or Topic

It’s a different thing entirely to create some words, put them together and make a blog with putting together contents that have high properties or ingredients of SEO in them and such contents are well received by the target audience in order to boost up a company or business as cording to searchengineland.com

According to Searchenginejournal.com there are certain ways Google determine very high quality contents. As we all know that Google’s algorithm is actually never really steady but there are however two human inputs that can affect how a content is being ranked on popularized on Google. a. Behavioral Analysis: Google calculates or evaluates the behavioral patterns on the page such as the amount of time dwelt on the page.
b. Rating: Google also takes into consideration the ratings on the page. In fact Google hires humans o actually check for the search results of these websites using quality rating guidelines and these are done manually.

In summary, the measuring of quality of a content is by the following factors as according to Searchenginejournal.com:

– The amount of organic traffic it drives.
– Ranking and visibility.
– Social engagements on the website such as commenting, sharing, likes, and maybe retweets.
– Impressions made on the website.
– Sales and revenue generated daily.


The important factor about what SEO difficulty is all about is knowing how to build up a content or topic and also evaluating a website based on how strong the contents and keywords are. Where the keyword contain very strong topical authority then there is some sort of tendency that it would be ranked. However, it is also trite to note that ranking also depends on how high the demand for a particular niche has become. For more information on SEO difficulty, I would recommended watching this video for more guidelines and lessons: