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We have all tried to up our scores in our academic life, but when we start our own business or start marketing, things don’t change much. According to moz.com, the concept of quality score in SEO, even though it is never said to be a real thing, SEO experts have a feeling that Google has a way of assigning scores to webpages.

Google has quality scores in the AdWords program as well, and it is said that in terms of SEO, there is something similar to that. This article will tell you more about quality score and how Google gives a website or a web page, score.

Theories About Quality Scoring

There are different theories about what Google considers when it gives out quality scores:

• Clicks, Engagement And Visits To A Website
• One Domain Is Considered; When There Are Different Pages And They Have High Quality Scores, Then Google Views One Domain Differently From The Other
• The Same Rule Of Looking Differently, Applies To Subdomains As Well
• Google Will Pass More Subfolders Than They Pass Subdomains
• If The Website Has Internal And External Links And They Are Of High Quality

Increasing Quality Score

According to wordstream.com, there are different ways through which you can increase your quality score. Just pay more attention to the following areas:


Do your keywords research properly. Make sure that the keywords you are using and adding to your marketing campaign contain tail long opportunities, so that they can positively contribute towards your website traffic.


If you haven’t done it already, then split your keywords into organized groups. This way, you will know which keywords to use when and they can be assigned to separate ad campaigns.

Ad Text

If you have a PPC campaign going on, then you should test it out. Use the ad that gives you the best response. Even though this might seem like a PPC and CTR strategy, it can also have a good impact on the quality score.

Landing Pages

When it comes to SEO, optimizing landing pages is important. Make sure that your landing pages, where the visitors will reach when they click on the link, they see in search results, is effective. Your landing pages should give the visitors a really good experience, so you can get a good quality score from Google and other search engines.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords may sound odd, but this means that you shouldn’t stop researching. You need to identify the search terms that are irrelevant and are not of any used to you, then you need to exclude those search terms, because they are only a burden on your budget.

Why Should You Care?

You must be wondering as to why you should care about your quality score, as in what benefit it gives you? According to neilpatel.com, there are different reasons as to why you should care.


AdWords are not an easy task for Google; they want to make money using AdWords, but they don’t want to decrease the quality of the search results that they produce. Thus, they need to balance this. Google has come up with an ad rank formula, through which your ad is ranked by multiplying the quality score of your webpage with CPC.

According to oncrawl.com, if you want to decrease your CPC, because it is going out of budget for you, then you can improve your quality score. If you have a landing page that shows up on ad spots that are higher, and have a good click through rate as well then that would mean lower cost for you.

For example, when you search something on Google, you always see some ad on your right side and in the middle. The middle ones are the main ad groups, and they have high quality score as well, as compared to the ones that are featured on the right.

Lower Bid Estimates

When you have set up an advertising campaign sing AdWords, then you get bid estimates, which means the amount that Google recommends, you should be paying if you want your ad to appear on the top. So, what is the benefit here, you ask?

When you have a high quality score, then this would mean that Google will factor this into the bid estimates that it gives you. You don’t have to worry about your bids in the future, because Google will give you the accurate maximum bid from the very start. Just make sure that your quality score in SEO is good.

Ad Position

It is as simple as it sounds; if you have a high quality score, then this means, that you will get a better ad position as well. According to searchenginejournal.com, when you improve your quality score, the ad ranking starts to improve and this is all due to the ad rank formula.

Elements Of A Landing Page

To make sure that you get a good quality score, you need to have the perfect landing page. According to seoblog.com, you can get a good landing page, if you have a good headline, that would grab the attention of the visitor and if you have a CTA button, which is call to action button.

Further, you should have social icons, videos to secure the attention of the visitors and screenshots. Social icons, like giving people the ability to share a page, can improve your quality score. If you want to know more about how to improve the landing pages, then you should definitely give a watch to this video below, as it also talks about the on-page SEO side of landing pages:

Keeping a good quality score, as the above information suggests, is important for SEO related content. A quality score means that Google acknowledges that your website has value and people are able to see your webpages more often.

If you want to know more about Google AdWords, quality score and SEO, then you should watch this video below, because it is short and informative at the same time: