Introduction Of Domain Names

Introduction Of Domain Names -
A business name is a name which a business is known with other than the name of the owner. It is a name in which a company or business owner conducts business with. Before starting up a business, one of the first things an entrepreneur does is deciding what name the business is to be known and marketed as. One of the integral part of every business is the name. Without a name, businesses wouldn’t not be visible.

While some entrepreneur decides to conduct business using their own names, others would want or prefer names that are distinctive such as using other names for their domain names. However, whichever way you decide or whatever name that is decided to be given to the business. The name should not infringe or cause any sort of confusing with other business names.

What Is Really In A Name?

A name is one of the most valuable asset every business entity because a name can either make or mar the business. Business names basically establishes a strong identity of the business and as well describe what your business is all about so I is wise that when choosing a name for a business, it’s important to choose a name that would take your business international. A name is like an identity card of a business because it will appear in virtually everything the is connected to the business such as letter heads, bank accounts, banners etc. so before choosing a name it’s important that you brainstorm properly to make sure the name goes in line with your business and it definitely something that would form the business into what you want it to be.

When you study great companies and great business owners, one thing you will find in common is that at the beginning stage of their businesses, it was difficult for each and every one of them to come up with a name that they felt would be suitable for their companies and businesses. When it comes to naming a business it’s something that should not be played with as it is a very important foundational stage of a business. We all know that you identify businesses with their names, even when we want to search on Google for some particular type of business, Google brings out a list of business names and probably their website for you to make a choice. So without a name it is very impossible for a business to be known, a business without a name might die prematurely without anyone even getting to know what the business was all about or without the business being able to fulfil its purpose.

When we then ask that what’s really in a business name, we find out that a business name is just like a fan used for blowing up the fire that would lighten the business into greater heights. People tend to respect businesses with names. For example, if going for a law suit with your business and another, how do you identify your business if not with a registered business name? That is to say a business name is very significant in the life of a business.

What Are The Ten Things To Note Before Choosing Business Name

1. Let the name convey a meaning and benefit: Don’t just rush t naming a business, sit down to think, put your mind and brain to work. Ask yourself some certain questions like ‘of what benefit is the name likely to put forth?’ that way you will be able to reason and calculate how and why you should be naming your business a particular name.

2. Be Careful about using Initials: I know you may be thinking that some companies like IBM, 3M and others has made waves even with initials as their business name, yes they have made it so far but let me remind you that this companies have been there for decades and have definitely spent a lot of time, money, brain, energy and others trying to put these companies where they are today and they are now multi billionaires so for you who is just trying to start up your own business. It’s advisable you use names that are less boring, so avid initials for now.

3. Let the Name be a Name You Can Trademark Before setting up a name for your business, are you sure it’s a name that can be trademarked. Why not check out or for you to be sure if the name can be trademarked. Though this is depending on how big you want to build your business brand.

4. Pick a Name that is Short and Unique One important thing you should note when choosing a name for your business is that the name should be short and unique. It’s not bad having a long business name but the thing is that can customers or investors be able to cram this long name and remember it. Choose a name that is very brief yet it covers what your business is all about and unique in the sense that no other business bears the same name.

5. Keep the name simple In the marketing and business world, simplicity is key. Just like noted in the previous point, choose a name that would best define what your business is all about yet it is simple and not in any way complicated.

6. Name a business in collaboration with its Mission Keep in mind that when naming your business, name it with something that goes in line with what your business is all about. For example if your business is into corporate cleaning services, you should probably name the business “My Corporate Cleaners Ltd” and not “Lavish Life Ltd”.

7. Think of SEO when Naming your Business For every business, SEO is very important because you would definitely want your business to go global and how can this be? If not using digital marketing such as SEO to boost your business rankings on search engine results.

8. Choose a Non-Dictionary Word Uniqueness is definitely key when it comes to choosing a business name. Choose a name that holds no meaning in the dictionary just for your business to possess some form of originality.

9. Let the Name be an Identity to your Brand A name is very important as it conveys a lot of message to the outside world. A name is your business identity so when choosing your business name, make sure it’s something that you would be much proud of marketing outside.

10. Think about the future when choosing a business name Don’t rush to choose business names that you might end up changing tomorrow. One thing you should know is that once a business have gained popularity with a particular name it may affect it when the name is changed. Think of a name that even though your business expends you may not necessarily need to change the name.


Business names are as effective if not the most effective tool in the growth of a business. People are attracted to a business firstly from seeing or hearing about the name. Be wise when choosing business name for your business. Think, calculate, if possible you can ask for help and different opinions for choosing the right name.