Comparison Between Standing Desk And Sitting Desk

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From school to college and then university, every individual has heard of a sitting desk, and not a standing desk. A standing desk is a new, modern office concept that takes into account the hazards of a sitting desk. It is best to compare the two situations, to understand the pros and cons of each, and which desk is best suited for which situation.

As per researchers, sitting for hours on a seat, that too very uncomfortable, is not recommended. However, if a person stands for an extended period of time, then that is not safe either. This is particularly for those who have joint issues and vascular issues.

Sitting Desk

A sitting desk is where a person is sitting on a seat, and they are able to adjust the desk in front of them. The benefit of having an adjustable desk is that a person can adjust is according to their body posture. Keeping in mind ergonomics and the recommendations that this subject provides for people who sit and stand, a person can set their seat in line with the desk, in a way that they don’t put a strain on their eyes, arms, elbows and legs. The seat is aligned with the desk in a way that the user is able to see the screen clearly, without straining their neck or squinting their eyes. You also need to read how standing at a standing desk – Click Here.

Comfort & Productivity

If a user buys a footrest along with his sitting desk and seat, he can feel very comfortable while at work. Most of the work chairs that employees have access to, impact their back badly, and all they want to do when they go home, is lying down on their back. Moreover, the seats are either too high, not adjustable or too low, which makes it difficult for employees to work.

If a sitting desk is used with a foot rest, along with other accessories like a mat underneath the foot, then it could become more comfortable for the user. If they are able to feel comfortable when they are working, employees would become more productive.

Sit To Stand

When a desk is designed to facilitate standing from sitting, without causing harm to the posture of the body, then such a sitting desk is worth buying. Such a position creates a balance between the two postures; users are able to sit, and then adjust their desk quickly to stand. This way, a person would stay alert; whenever they feel the need to take a nap, they can just stand and start working.

Solution For Backache

There is a solution for eye strain and neck sore, and that is to align the seat and desk accordingly. However, if a person still feels backache, then they can always get a comfortable seat for sitting, or put a cushion behind their back to support their body posture. A proper cushion, one that fulfills the requirements of ergonomics, would be very helpful for a person. A working position should be able to make people more efficient at their work, and not make them lazy or suffer from body aches.

Standing Desk

A standing desk is a new concept, designed for those who find it hard to exercise during the day, but want to stay fit. There are people who are skeptical about standing desk, and whether they deliver health benefits or not. However, such people should consider that a standing desk is not just about standing and working, it is more about moving around, exercising the limbs and not becoming obese.

Risk Of Weight Gain

When a person is sitting in their seat, they are not burning any calories. However, when they are standing, they can’t stand still, they move around even if it is an inch or so, and get rid of their sedentary lifestyle. When people stand, they are able to burn calories more quickly. Nobody wants to gain weight or become obese, because of the several diseases that come along with these two problems.

Blood Sugar Level & Cholestrol

The best part about a standing desk is that, it can decrease the blood sugar level of those who are standing, as well as their cholesterol. When these two things are maintained and looked after, then a person is less likely to suffer from a heart disease.

Being Alert & Focusing On Work

People who use a standing desk, are able to stay more alert when they are working. A sitting position often turns into a lying position, where the person rests his both arms on the desk and drop their heads as well. On the other hand, adopting a sleeping posture on a standing desk can be difficult and uncomfortable. This would motivate a person to stay more alert and focus on their work. When the monitor screen is aligned with their eyes, they are able to properly rest their elbows, and they don’t have a difficult time standing up, then the standing desk can easily turn into a blessing.

Perfect Back Posture

Some people have the habit of standing with a perfectly straight back. Their body posture, when they standing, is according to ergonomics and they don’t face any problems, like pain in their legs or back. However, for those who have not yet settled with the idea of using a standing desk throughout the day, such people should take their time and ease into it. They should stand for a short time at the start, try out different body postures and then pick out the perfect one for them.

Balance Between Standing And Sitting

When using a standing desk and sitting desk, the user should try to draw out a balance between the two. There are standing desk, which can be turned into sitting desk as well. The user should stand for two hours, and when they feel like they need a break, they can adjust their desk and sit. If a position becomes uncomfortable, then it should be changed right away. Standing for long hours would be a problem for people, as they can feel pain in their legs. However, if someone really wants to work on their weight, then there are few things they should consider for their standing desk.

Getting Professional Help

The users of standing desk should look for professional help from those who understand ergonomics. Professionals can best advise users on how they should stand, lean forward, stand and sit, so that don’t have to face any, body posture problems. Professionals would help set a sit-stand desk for the user, so that he doesn’t have to do on his own, and he can better understand an appropriate body posture.

Getting An Anti-Fatigue Mat

For those who want to stand for a long time, or have to, they can always use an anti-fatigue mat, so that they don’t feel sick from all that standing. They should buy comfortable shoes and a good quality anti-fatigue mat, as it would make it easier for them to stand. Every person standing for a long time would feel sick, which is why short breaks should be taken in between. To make sure a person gets proper rest before getting up again, it is advised that the person uses a foot rest. A foot rest would provide more support for the body posture and the person will feel less uncomfortable.

Moving The Research Aside

If someone who has been sitting for the most part of their work life, considers their experience, they would appreciate a standing desk. Moving the research aside that suggests standing desk do nothing good for the user, a person should always consider how beneficial it would be for people to sit, stand and then move around. They can always put a timer, in case they forget they have been standing for a long time, as this would cause them less aches in their body.

The reason why a sit-stand desk is preferred, is because it helps a person in being productive. It doesn’t make them lazy, keeps them alert, allows them to interact with other people around them, and have a good time working. If a person feels bored while they are standing, they can always put on some music and enjoy their new working position.

Before buying a sit-stand desk, the customer should always research about the different material desks that is available, how environmentally friendly they are, and whether they fit into his budget or not. Moreover, a customer should consider other customer reviews about a standing desk and get to know things like, the time it takes to adjust a desk and a seat, whether the desk makes any noises that can be disturbing for the customer and others, and height range. If a customer is unusually tall, then he might face problems in finding a desk that best fits his height. However, most sit-stand desk has diverse height ranges and come with a variety of options.