What Is Long Tail Keywords In SEO

What Is Long Tail Keywords In SEO - BillLentis.com


Keyword phrase which consists or has a minimum of three words is considered long-tail. However, some prefer saying two or more phrases rather than the three words. These keywords are mostly used to target identified demographics instead of mass audiences.

Long tail keywords are more specific and mainly less competitive than the general keywords terms. Most people write about head keyword than long tail keyword. These types of keywords are vital to SEO and you must make use of them. According to Neil Patel, identifying your blog with catchy keywords can easily lead to many potential clients viewing your website. Check out billlentis.com/what-is-www-in-seo.

Merits Of Long Tail Keywords In SEO

Using long tail keywords have numerous merits. You easily get to maximize organic search rankings and also boost organic traffic, read more on wordstream.com. However, make no mistake of including too many long tail keywords in your site because you might suffer some penalties. Over-optimizing your material marketing in a post might get you in trouble-be smart.

According to research, long tail keywords are known to generate over 60% of search volume when it comes to traffic. You are likely to rate highly in Google by using keywords which contain more than three words. This facilitates in having major traffic from targeted audience and you can learn more on raventools.com.

More Explained On Long Tail Keywords If you don’t know much about use of long tail keywords, carry out some research to get to know how to use them. First, know that not all long tail keywords are created equally. There is a strong keyword competition on Google so if you choose to over use head long tail keywords, your post wont rank.

Examples Of Long Tail Keywords

For example ‘study abroad’ and ‘the best places to study abroad’. The first phrase won’t rank well because many people may have used that phrase. For the latter, it will rank highly in major organic listings because of the key phrase. You can even get the top rankings in less than sixty five days supposing you’ve created authoritative and relevant links.

For algorithms rankings, long tail keywords are a key factor. These keywords are used by the search engines such as Google. You have to understand that these keywords are more beneficial nowadays unlike before. This is because the audience intent is only determined by keywords that they are searching with just as well elaborated on ahrefs.com.

Understanding Buyer Personas Is A Must

Most writers and bloggers tend to assume that use of long tail keywords is only relevant to SEO. They assume wrong because it’s beyond that. When potential clients discover keywords search terms in the post that you’ve created, they feel happy and satisfied. This doesn’t matter whether they were looking via social media or even other blogs. Customer satisfaction and happiness must always be the main priority.

These days most people prefer using long tail keywords. On websites such as YouTube and Facebook it’s always easy to find results by typing in this type of keyword. Most platforms take full advantage of keywords so it’s not only Google that does that.

Marketing Objective With Keywords Consider defining your content marketing objective. Before coming up or even writing anything, work on this. Particular long tail keywords help in goal defining. The search terms indicate particular intention on behalf of a user carrying out the search.

The online users care more about long tail keywords than the Google. This is a fact because all Google wants is for the users to be always happy. In all cases, users are always the priority so money paid or content matter doesn’t matter at all to Google.

Conducting Keyword Research By using the long tail keyword tools, you will get a good chance of finding terms which will boost robust traffic towards your website. Use the Google autofill. The first simple way is by entering the search term to Google. Lots of long tail keywords will appear after you’ve done this- go through them. This will help you understand the niche topics that people are searching for. Use them as seed phrases or target keywords to look for many long tail keywords chances.

There are Google related searches so have a look at them to find free long tail keywords. You have to be unique when creating keywords so you must also broaden your research as shown on yoast.com. By taking a look at Google related searches, you will see additional variations of wide search terms.

When you type a certain keyword on Google, you will see ‘find related keywords’ at the bottom part of the page. Other tools for finding different types of long tail terms are LSI graph keyboard generator, ubersuggest and keyword difficulty too. To learn more check out hubspot.com/marketing.

Merits Of Good Keywords Research

When looking for a long tail keyword, qualify and research keywords to identify the value worth they fetch your search strategy. Generally, long tail keywords which are regarded as the best have low competition and incredible volume of search interest. There are also other ways of identifying good long tail keywords as explained in neilpatel.com.

There is no shortcut in attracting traffic to your traffic even if there is use of long tail keywords. SEO doesn’t just concentrate on picking and wrapping texts around keywords, you must work on your content. Study your clients and offer them satisfaction to their needs in terms of what they are looking for.


In case studies, integration of long tail keywords is easier than in type of content. Spend more time in creating data driven data and case studies rather than generic posts which might not be impressive to the readers.