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When you create content for your target audience, you want it to impact as many people as possible. This where SEO for posts and pages comes in. There are a couple of things you must do so that you can get your content in front of as many eyes as possible.

In this article we shall explore on-page SEO for pages and posts and tips for enhancing your chances of success. In the meantime, the following video explores pages and posts for WordPress in detail and offers tips for when to use which:

Breaking Down On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO, according to Yoast SEO, basically deals with the efforts you expend to optimize content on the page. It most deals with the keywords you will be dealing with and hoping to rank for. Go to billlentis.com/what-is-long-tail-keywords-in-seo.

Apart from helping you decipher the keywords you should aim to rank for, on-page SEO covers things like bounce rates and CTRS, just to mention a few.

For you to improve your efforts, you need to pay attention to a couple of things. They are highlighted below.

Tips For Optimizing Pages And Post

The following are tips you can employ in order to enhance your on-page SEO efforts.

Install Google Analytics

How do you track all the efforts you have put into your SEO? One of the tools you must use is Google Analytics.

This tool enables you collect data about your visitors and furnish you with reports. It is from these reports that you gleam people’s behavior on your site. You can analyze this behavior and devise strategies that will help you manage your SEO better, according to Seriously Simple Marketing.

You get invaluable statistics about traffic from search engines, bouncer rates and whether or not current on-page SEO efforts are yielding the intended results.

Google analytics, according to most SEO experts one of the most, if not the most, invaluable tool in your SEO efforts.

Install Google Search Console

Google Analytics helps shed more light into visitors. You need a tool that puts in perspective what search engines think of you. This is where Google Search Console comes in, according to SEO Hacker.

Why is this tool vital to SEO for pages and posts? Well, it shows you data from crawling information gleamed by search engines. It also shows searches returned from your site, pages from your site that show up during searches, clicked-through pages, position in searches, just to mention a few.

As for performance, it allows its users to provide a sitemap and conjure a robots.txt file. These are essential in fixing errors in your SEO which could wind up hurting your SEO efforts.

This is another must-have tool for people running websites.

Create An XML Sitemap And Submit To Google

In order to get indexed for ranking, you must submit an XML Sitemap. This document shows the all the accessible pages for users on your site and pages that you want indexed. In addition, it shows the sites you want prioritized by the search engine during indexed as well as the frequency with which the site is updated.

XML Sitemaps do not affect rankings per se but they are essential in ensuring that every page highlighted there is indexed thoroughly, according to Blue Corona.

Create A Robots.Txt File And Submit To Google

If you want specific pages indexed, you can also use a Robot.txt file apart from the XML Sitemap. This file gives very specific instruction to search engines in regards to which pages to indexes and specific ones that must be ignored, according to Neil Patel.

It is this file in which search engines will look for XML Sitemap if you have overlooked in the Google Search Console.

Install Schema.org Rich Snippets

If you are still unhappy with the information you have provided with search engines and would like to pile on, install Rich Snippets. It is a hassle-free way of adding information you would want to appear in your results.

It is a tool you can use to make your listings noticeable and increase your CTR, thereby improving your rankings, according to Outerbox Design.

Use Google Keyword Planner To Find Keywords

Keyword research is another huge part of making SEO efforts come together. While you are crafting posts for your website, you need to think about the keywords you want to rank for. You can find these keywords via Google Keyword Planner.

This tool sheds more insight into which words have high or low competitions. It also suggests keywords you can target, hence making your job easier if you stomped on which words to choose.

As long as you have a Google AdWords account, you have free access to Google Keyword Planner tool.

Use An SEO-Friendly URL

For you to rise up the ranks, another thing you need to ensure that your URL is SEO-friendly. This means that you need to do it beforehand for it tbe effective.

Your URL must be easy for search engines and users to read. The easier they are to read, the higher the potential for a high ranking.

Include Keyword in URL

Including your keyword in the URL is a way of ranking better in your niche, according to Insyte. However, you need to be careful with so that you do not constrain yourself to a keyword whose popularity is susceptible to change.

Long-Form Content Is The Way To Go

When you have long-form content in your website, you run a very good chance of ranking high in search engines. Nowadays, search engines, specifically Google, rank sites with useful, relevant and unique long-form content high above the pack.

With long-form content, visitors take their sweet time on the site before they can move to other things. In a nutshell, the dwell-time is one of those things that determine rank in search engines.

Provide High-Quality

Even though it goes without saying, nonetheless, providing high-quality content is non-negotiable. Search engines are in the business of providing their users with the most relevant and most useful content they need.

This means that you need to strive to keep the bar high when generating content to not only rank higher but also to set yourself apart as an authority.


By employing the aforementioned tips to your SEO for pages and posts, you will be on course for high ranking. Use them today and watch them work for your SEO goals.