Vegetable Container Gardening For Beginners

Vegetable Container Gardening For Beginners - Bill Lentis Media


A Guide To Vegetable Container Gardening For Beginners

When people grow food in their own garden, it not only brings them joy, but bounty as well. Biting into a tomato, which the gardener just plucked from the garden, would taste completely different compared to the one he brought from the supermarket. He will save money on buying vegetables, and will learn the skill of gardening.

If someone wants to start gardening, but is a beginner, then they should learn about vegetable container gardening. It is very easy to grow different vegetables in containers. Also go and check out the urban vegetable garden – Click Here.

Temperature & Sun

Before starting to plan vegetables in containers, it is best to have knowledge about the temperature and the sun exposure that plants need. Some plants need full exposure to the sun, while others need shade to properly grow. Before planting vegetables, check the location of the containers, and see how many hours of sunlight they get during the day.

If the gardener lives in a hot zone, then he has to shade his plants in the middle of the day. If he doesn’t, then the plants would overheat and get damaged. On the other hand, there are some vegetables that do not like cold soil. If the gardener lives in a cool climate area, then they shouldn’t put their vegetable containers out for the whole day.

Watering The Container

When a gardener grows tomatoes in containers, then those tomatoes need a lot of water. However, beginners should know that drowning a plant in water is not a good idea, and they should measure the water before watering the plants. The main objective of watering is to keep the soil moist, and not make it soaking wet. If the beginner wants to learn when to water plants, then he should stick his finger in the soil and see if it is dry or moist. During summer time, it is best to water plants at least once or even twice a day; Kaptin Aeration.

Soil Used In Container Gardening

Potting soil should be used in vegetable container, because it is important for vegetables to grow and thrive. Don’t use the soil that is used in the garden, because that will not let the water drain properly. The best part about using vegetable containers is that, weeds won’t grow and the gardener won’t have to deal with them. If garden soil is used in containers, then that means importing weeds from the garden; Smart Pots

Fertilizer in Containers

Fertilizer is used in containers, because it is food for plants. If the soil doesn’t have any fertilizer, then it should be added throughout the vegetable growing season. Mix organic fertilizer should be added into a container, before top to bottom; this should be done before any vegetables are planted.

Beginners should focus on the drainage system as well, because that would keep the plants from drowning. The container should have the capacity to drain excess water, so that the soil doesn’t stay soggy.