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2 Ways To Build Vegetable Garden Box

Building a garden box is a great way to grow food for the family. It is not only a fun project, but a healthy one as well. It saves time, money and efforts that are spent in digging a garden plot. The best part of a vegetable garden box is that, even young people can do it. Also go and check out the vegetable container gardening for beginners – Click Here.

Location Of The Box

The first thing to look for, is a location for the vegetable garden box. A beginner might want to place in an area where it receives the most sunshine, or a place where there is shade. It all depends on the kind of vegetables that a person wants to plant. Place the box in its location, and dig out holes for corner post. The posts can be placed on the soil, so that they are rooted in the ground.

Wooden Vegetable Garden Box

To make wood posts, take 4×4 of lumber; this will be used as corners for the vegetable garden box. They have to be the same height or at least several inches deeper than the garden box. For example, if the box is going to be 8 inches, then it is best to add center posts on the longer sides. Drill the posts into their place, and then place a barrier cloth as well; Giantex.

If the gardener places a weed cloth on top of the barrier cloth, then that would be good in preventing weeds from growing. The weed cloth should be stable on the sides, to be more effective. Now, that the vegetable garden box is ready, add the soil, put in the seeds and then add more soil on the top.

Metal Vegetable Garden Box

To make a metal vegetable garden box, look inside the house and there will be an old filling cabinet somewhere. Make sure that the bottom of the box is solid; it should not be rusty, or be in a bad shape. Take the drawers out and the tracks too, if possible. If removing the paint is possible, then remove it so that it won’t impact the soil’s quality. If someone wants to give the metal box a good look, then they can use an outdoor safe spray paint; Best Choice Products.

Place the metal box in the garden, and then put in soil along with seeds. The main advantage of using this method is that, the gardener doesn’t have to buy a box from outside, and can use an old cabinet or even a small closet. However, taking things out from the inside can be a daunting and a time consuming task.

Planting In A Vegetable Garden Box

The gardener can plant different vegetables in the garden box, like companion vegetables. This way, people would be able to save space, and can grow more in just one box. A vegetable garden box and knowing about companion vegetables would mean that a gardener is able to produce more. Better research and understanding of a garden box, can lead to more yields.