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Best Urban Vegetable Garden Ideas

Putting freshly plucked vegetables in soups, stews and salads, is everyone’s dream. However, when a person buys from the market, they can never be sure about the quality of those vegetables. This is where urban vegetable garden plays its part. The urban vegetable garden is different from a traditional one, as it will not have rows of tomatoes or onions. Nevertheless, it will still bring the gardener immense satisfaction. Also go and check out the summer vegetable garden – Click Here.

Design Of An Urban Vegetable Garden

In an urban vegetable garden, gardeners usually use the patio, balcony, flat roof, porch or the veranda. If someone doesn’t have access to these areas, then they can grow plants on the windowsill as well. In urban gardening, square foot gardening is preferred; all one has to do is use the given space well.

Moreover, as compared to traditional gardening, urban gardening can be done in less space. This way of growing vegetable is very convenient, as the gardener can easily manage crops, and water plants the right amount. There is no waste, weeds and pests either, and the colored vegetables give the place a decorative touch as well; Mushroom Rectangle.

Balcony Urban Vegetable Garden

The balcony is a really good place to grow an urban vegetable garden. However, make sure that the place receives enough sun, as vegetables and herbs would need sunlight to grow. The gardener can buy pots for the vegetable garden, and grow things like eggplants, peppers and peas. In fact, some people even grow cherry tomatoes, by placing them in a 2-5 gallon container.

Rooftop Urban Vegetable Garden

As compared to a balcony, a rooftop has more space, and gardener can cultivate more vegetables there. For this, the gardener can get pots and put soil in it. However, don’t use normal garden soil, but get a potting mix because it makes the plants healthy and productive. There are several vegetables, which can be grown in pots including tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, beans, potatoes, beet-root, garlic, and gourds.

Patio Urban Vegetable Garden

The houses in the city have a patio, and if the house owners don’t put anything there, then creating a garden would be beneficial for them. They can grow vegetables on the ground and in containers. The patio is a really good place to grow herbs that one wants to include in their food. The herbs are very easy to grow; Tierra Garden.

Porch and the veranda are also good places to grow vegetables, even though they are enclosed spaces. Every inch of these places can be utilized for growing fresh vegetables, like lettuce, carrot, and leafy vegetables. There is nothing better than home grown fresh potatoes.

Tips For Urban Vegetable Garden

When doing gardening in urban areas, it is best not to cram up the containers or even squares with different. Not every vegetable can be grown with other vegetables like zucchini and tomatoes. Moreover, it is advisable to grow those vegetables in an urban garden, which is easy to grow like carrots and radishes.