Home Projector VS LED TV

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It is not easy to decide between a home projector and an LED TV. They both have large screens, and can be used for the same purposes. However, as they are costly, a customer can’t get them both, and has to make a choice. It is best to compare the different features of both, and choose the best one.

Cost Of Both Products

Customers can easily get a good HD projector for $1,000. However, if they want high brightness, then the price of the projector can go up to $2,000. As for LED TVs, there are so many brands that produce the, which is why their price varies. Most LED TVs cost about $1,000 and above. The person who is buying a projector or an LED TV, needs to assess their everyday requirement for both devices. Comparatively, LED TV is cheaper than a projector. Check out home projector 1080p vs 4k – Click Here.

Screen Size

An LED TV comes in different sizes; it ranges from 19 to 88 inches. When a customer buys an LED TV, then you are stuck with its size, until you buy a new one.

On the other hand, when someone buys a projector, increasing and decreasing its size depends on the person. Its size is very adjustable and depending on its model, the customer can decrease it to 40 inches or increase to 300 inches. With an LED TV, the customer is not able to set the size of the screen according to the way they are seated. However, with a tv projector, they can easily set the screen size, as per their seating arrangement.

Content Of Both Products

Customers can watch a lot of content on their LED TV screen. For example, they can put in a DVD or stream their current cable channels. It is a great option to view movies and TV shows on an LED TV screen. However, if someone likes to watch a lot of movies, and that too on Blu-ray and Ultra HD discs, then they need a bigger screen for that. The movie experience that a home projector can give the audience, a TV can’t.

Room Size

TVs are self contained. Customers usually put them in the TV lounge, where the whole family can access it. If someone buys a large screen TV, they can put it in a small room. This means that no matter how small the room is and large the TV is, it won’t be a problem. On the other hand, if someone buys a home projector, it needs a large room to show its wonders.

When a projector displays its images on a blank screen, it needs space. It has to be placed behind the viewer, so that it gets sufficient size to provide the customer with the best viewing experience. Those who buy TV projectors, need a large screen experience. However, if they put it in a small room, then that would totally defy its purpose.

The Light Factor

Home projectors are designed in a way that they perform best, when placed in a dark room. If they are placed in a room with ambient light, then they won’t be able to perform well. As for an LED TV, they perform well under normal light. However, when you place them in a dark room, they will perform well too. Sometimes, when customers are watching something on their LED TV, they might notice light reflection on it. This could be an irritating factor for the customer.


LED TV is available in different resolutions. For example, the customer can get an LED TV for 1080p, 2K, UHD, 4K and even 8K resolution. However, if a customer wants 4K resolution in a home projector, then that will be more expensive. Most home projectors are compatible with 4K input signals, but the resolution of the projector is still as low as 720p. If a shop offers buyers a low cost home projector, with a high resolution, then that could very well be a fake.

Brightness And HDR Of Both Products

LED TV can give out more light, as compared to home projectors. LED TV is brighter, and they can even display HRD encoded images, better than LED TVs can. LED TV can expand the brightness and contrast range of the screen, and they display pictures like they are viewed in the real world.

Audio System

The audio system of a TV comes built-in. Even though the audio system isn’t great in every TV, at least the customer doesn’t have to buy the speakers separately. However, when it comes to home projectors, customers don’t have many choices with speakers built-in. They have to buy speakers with the home projectors, and for that, customers need an HDM to connect the projector to the source.

There are several LED TVs, which comes with smart features. Customers can easily stream video streaming websites on their LED TV screens, without any hassle. However, when it comes to home projectors, most projectors only have an HDMI input and don’t have any smart features.


The installation process of an LED TV is very simple. Customers can easily put the TV on a stand, and then use a cable to attach it. To install LED TV in a home, no one needs a professional for this purpose. On the other hand, when it comes to a home projector, it is not easy to make decisions. It can be complicated to decide which wall to paint, or opt for a motorized screen, which can be attached to the wall or ceiling.

Final Verdict

It is not easy to decide between a home projector and an LED TV. Customers need to think about what they want, and what they can afford. They need to analyze their own needs; for example, whether they want a big screen for more than one person, or they want a screen that can be placed in a large hall. Choosing between the two can be complicated, which is why making a pros and cons list is best.