Summer Vegetable Garden

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How To Start A Vegetable Garden In Summer

There are some plants, which love the summer heat. As soon as winter’s end, warm season approaches, and this is the time to grow new crops. Whether someone is a seasoned gardener or a beginner, they will find a variety of vegetables that they can plant in a summer garden. Summer garden vegetables are planted in summer and harvested during the fall weather.


Beans are very healthy, and they are often used in salads and side dishes. Beans can be planted during the summer, and they grow from seeds. They need about 40-60 days to mature. For best results, gardeners should plant fava beans in the summer months, particularly in those neighborhoods that receive the most fog. Runner beans are planted in June and July. As for saving space in the garden, beans should always be grown vertically; LEANO.

Sweet potatoes

Even though sweet potatoes are consumed are mostly in winters, they show good growth during summer. They can be produced in abundance, in 90 days. When the weather is good and hot, sweet potato seeds should be sown. They don’t even need much cultivation, when their veins start to spread in the garden.


Cowpeas are also known as Southern peas. They are eaten before they mature, and are usually used as a side dish or a salad topping. When the peas mature and dry out, they can be stored easily for months to come, and can be used in cooking. Also go and check out the summer garden vegetables – Click Here.

Eggplants Tomatoes

These two vegetables should be planted during late spring. However, if the gardener wants to plant them in June, he needs to make sure that the neighborhood isn’t foggy. Eggplants can be produced from seedlings, which are more effective compared to seeds; this is the same for the tomatoes. Tomatoes and eggplants require 60-80 days, to start producing.

These two vegetables are classified as the nightshade plant family, but they can be placed in the same space. This is because, both vegetables have the same pests, and that could be devastation to put them close to each other.

Hot Peppers Squashes

Hot peppers are sown during summer, and they grow during spring time. Even though the larger ones slow down in production during summer nights, the smaller ones keep on producing. As for squashes, they should be planted in the summer garden during May, June and July; Italian Roaster.

Carrots Cucumber

The month of June is very productive for the growth of cucumbers and sweet corn. Cucumbers take about 60-75 days to for slicing. As for the carrots, they grow from seeds throughout the summer, but they shouldn’t be planted during July because of the fog. Carrots take 120-150 days to fully grow, but their taste is worth the wait.

Some other vegetables that can be grown during the summer time are green beans, okra, zucchini, amaranth and corn. However, the gardener should do enough research to learn about sowing time, harvesting time and watering time to get a good yield.