Things To Do In Homestead, FL

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Homestead is a city in Florida, between Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park. There are many things to do in Homestead FL, like go to the farmers market, visit delicious restaurants, and visit the Coral Castle.

Coral Castle

This is a museum located at 28655 S Dixie Hwy. This is a museum, and is one the fun things to do in Homestead FL. This is a place, where you get to see the sculpture garden, made in stone. Those who have visited this place, they find it to be very mysterious. There is a whole story behind this Coral Castle. There was a name Ed, who created the Coral Castle; it is one of the most unusual and mysterious accomplishment. See things to do in Hialeah, FL – Website.

This castle was created at a time, when there were no means of modern construction. Ed knows the secret behind the pyramids that he created, and it amazes the visitors. The visitors here get to see the planets, beds, rocking chair and water well. There is even a telescope in this castle, which is made of Coral rocks; Coral Castle.

Everglades Alligator Farm

Those children who love a little excitement and fun, should put this place under things to do in Homestead FL; Everglades. This place is located at 40351 SW 192nd Ave. This place offers airboat rides for customers, where they have a 20-25 minutes thrilling ride. People get to see the good scenery of the Everglades, along with alligators, fish, birds and even turtles. Even though the place lets in children of all ages, the boat ride can get loud, which some children might find scary. See the best greek restaurants you should try in Miami, FL – Click Here.

Apart from the boat ride, the reason why this place is on the top of the things to do in Homestead FL is because of snake shows and alligator feeding show. When people sign up for the snake show, they can learn to get rid of their fear of snakes. While exploring the place, the customers are educated about the snakes that can be harmful, and even pass snake to each other. Also go look at the best Italian restaurants in Miami FL – More Info.

Schnebly Redland’s Winery

This winery is located at 30205 SW 217th Ave. This is a really good place to have social gatherings and parties. This is one of the best things to do in Homestead FL, because it offers a variety of wines to people, which they never had before. Some of the famous wines include Sparkling Lychee, which is a semi-dry wine with a taste of citrus pear and lychee; it has a subtle finish.

ShowBiz Cinemas

If there is nothing else to do in Homestead FL, then going to the cinema is the best choice. This cinema is located at 100 S Krome Ave. Those who have visited this cinema, they love the arcade there as well. The cinema has reclining and comfortable seats, and people who go there, love to take part in bowling as well. There is no way anyone would get bored in this city.