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Chromebooks have really changed the outlook for budget laptops, and they are doing really well in the education sector. This kind of laptop is built around Google cloud, and is very different from an ordinary laptop. Their operating system, and the way the OS runs apps, are very different as well. The difference between Chromebook and other laptops is the reason why there are particular printers developed, especially to accommodate Chrombook.

Operating System

The main difference between the OS of a Chrombook and a laptop is that, Chromebook runs on Google Chrome’s OS. When a person opens a Chromebook, they will see a Chrome browser, which is similar to a Windows desktop. The OS is lightweight compared to both Windows and MacOS. The OS updates itself, and doesn’t take as long as Windows and Mac OS do. It is very easy to maintain a Chromebook, and there is no frustrating updating routine of the OS either.

Chromebook Apps

As compared to Windows, Google does offer similar touches to the user. However, it doesn’t allow users to download applications. If a user is using Chrome OS, then they can’t download Photoshop, Skype or even iTunes. Users can still use PowerPoint, Word and Excel, but it has other features that people can use. They can edit Google Docs in offline mode, or watch movies using Google Play offline.

Perhaps, the best part about a Chrome OS, is that the user doesn’t have to pay for a software license. Without a software license, people can use Windows or even MacBook. If it is cheaper to use, has good quality and display, then the customer might want to buy the best cheap printer for Chromebook. Also check out the best printer for Chromebook – Click Here.

Samsung SS256H#BGJ

This is one of the best cheap printer for Chromebook, as it costs only $239.99. It has so many features that, the customer won’t worry about spending money on it. It can print documents, copy, scan and fax them. It comes with wireless connectivity, which includes Wi-Fi, and NFC printing. Users can use their smartphone and tablet to print documents as well.

There is a Samsung mobile print app, which users can use to print documents. If they don’t want to use the app, then they can use their Chromebook to print document. This printer supports both Google Cloud Print and AirPrint. The printer facilitates the user through auto document feeder, scan to email documents, printing from a USB drive, Ethernet networking and other management features. Further, the user has the chance to use dash replenishment, which means automatically reordering supplies through the Amazon website. If the ink is going to run out, then the user will receive ink supplies on their doorstep.

It has a limited 1 year hardware warranty, and can save up to 20 percent on operating cost. It can produce smooth images and text, because of its ReCP technology. This printer won’t make the user wait for long, because its printing speed is 800 MHz CPU; Samsung.

Customer Reviews

This laser printer has many functions, which is why it is one of the best cheap printer for Chromebook. It comes at a low price, and it provides several features. The best part is the setup, which is easier for many customers. To print documents using this printer is very easy. All one has to do, is push paper in the tray and press a few buttons. The paper printing is very fast, and the quality is good as well.

However, the major problem that most customers face with this printer is that, it doesn’t scan too well. Also, it might be difficult to use this printer for networked computers.

Epson Workforce WF-2860

This is an all in one wireless color printer, which offers the user a chance to scan documents, copy, and fax them. There are several connectivity options that the user can benefit from, including fax, Wi-Fi direct, and NFC. The printer provides the user with laser quality performance. It is a very compact printer, which means that the user can place it anywhere he wants to and it won’t take up much space. The price of the printer is $128 (if the customer buys a used one), making it the best cheap printer for Chromebook.

The printer has a colored touch screen, which makes it easier to print documents, copy and scan them. The connectivity options make it easier for people to share documents with others. It saves paper, because it can print on both sides. The tray capacity of the printer is 150 sheets; Epson. Users can use their smartphone or tablet to print documents, or they can simply connect their printer with the Chromebook.

Customer Reviews

The printer’s setup is fairly straightforward and simple. The two sided printing saves the cost of buying paper, and the output is of high quality. The customers who faced problems, with either connecting the Wi-Fi or setting up the printer, should read the instruction manual because there are a lot of details on it. The print speed is fast and it is an easy to use printer. Epson’s customer service is good, and ready to take customer queries.

The problem, on the other hand, which most customers face is about the noise level of the printer. Some customers faced problems with fitting the ink cartridge; they bought Epson 200, but the one that fits perfectly is Espon 202. Some customers had problem with colored printing, because the colors didn’t look accurate on paper.

Printers are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. It is a necessity for those, who work from home or need to submit their assignments. If someone is looking for a cheap printer for their Chromebook, then above two options would fit their requirement perfectly. Such cheap printers could be very useful for small businesses, schools or for home use. Remember, the best way to easily run a printer, is by reading instructions to the last page.