Things To Do In Hialeah, FL

Things To Do In Hialeah FL - Bill Lentis Media


This is the sixth largest city in Florida, and it is also the principal city of the Miami area. There are multiple things to do in Hialeah FL, like buy fish from the aquarium or go the antique market and look for treasures.

Neptunes Aquariums

This place is located at 5329 W 20th Ave. and is one of the best things to do in Hialeah FL, because it is a really beautiful place. However, this is a very different aquarium, it brings the customer the best corals, fish, saltwater fish and other kinds of fish. They can buy whatever fish they want from this reef store. It sells aquariums to companies and even households, and when the customer buys the aquarium, helps them install it as well. The best part about this place is that, customers have knowledge about everything, and they can answer questions well. The fish collection is available at reasonable prices; Neptunes Aquariums.

Cherry Picked Vintage & Antique Market

This market is located at 13 SE 1st Ave. This is one of the things to do in Hialeah FL with family. The store has some great things; a diverse collection of valuable and memorable. However, this place can get crowded real fast, and people really have to dig in to find the best things; Trip Advisor. When people visit this place, they can visit other places as well like Tom’s NFL, Curtiss Mansion and The Centurion Lounge. See the best Miami FL Chinese food places – Website.

Westland Mall

There are over 100 stores in this mall, along with several restaurants where people can have a good time. The mall is located at 1675 W 49th St. and is one of the must things to do in Hialeah FL. This is a very clean mall, and has several good brands for customers to shop from. Some of the brands here are ALDO, Alex Shades, Cajun Grill, Claire’s, Cuban Boys and ERGE. Also go see the best dessert place in Miami – Click Here.

Hialeah Racetrack

This is a famous horse-racing track, which people of all ages enjoy very much. The casino in this place is really good, and it provides a good experience to the customer. The food, music and the atmosphere are something that every customer would love. For those who love history, they should add this place to things to do in Hialeah FL. This place used to be very popular among movie stars and even Presidents. Winston Churchill also visited the horse races and waged bets on horses. The reason why this place is still popular is because there are fewer places like this in Florida, with such a historical significance. Best Greek restaurant you should try in Miami FL – More Info.

Amelia Earhart Park

To get away from everyday problems, it is best to go to 401 E 65th St., with friends and family. This is a really nice park with really interesting activities like bike trails, paddle boat rental and picnic tables under shelter. Children can visit the petting zoo, with a barn. There is a general store as well, from where people can buy things. All in all, this is a nice place to go.