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So you are having a late night at the office and do not want to order the same old pizza or the bucket of chicken wings? Want to try out something new? Why not try out Chinese food. There are a lot of different types of food in the Chinese cuisine that cater to the different types of tastes people have. While you are in Miami, you have access to numerous Chinese restaurant options. Forget about simply ordering food online or through your phone. Visiting a good Chinese restaurant can be a very fulfilling and rich experience. As long as you sit around your apartment or hotel room and partake of your order of Chinese food, you will be missing out on learning about and experiencing a new and exciting culture.

This article explores the numerous Chinese restaurants in Miami. It highlights what you ought to expect when you make your way into these restaurants, what they are well known for and their contact details. The latter is vital in case you are inclined to initiate contact with them.

No Name Chinese

You have probably seen different variations of Chinese restaurants in the movies. Well, the No Name Chinese restaurant will be a totally different experience from what you are accustomed to or what you have seen in the movies. The interiors are a fusion of classic Chinese architecture and neo-modern architecture. In short, it is a really cool and well designed place.

As for the menu selections, they are quite bold but very scrumptious once you they have touched your lips. If you have never tried Chinese food because of the misleading notion that this type of food is greasy, heavily salted and sauced, then you will be in for a pleasant surprise. All the food there is made with fresh ingredients that are combined to give you that immensely pleasurable experience that only a good food experience can provide. After you are done there, you will be yearning to return for more and with good reason, their menu list is very diverse and caters to people who have different tastes and desires when it comes to food.

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While you are there, you should start with the spicy dumplings that will really get the taste buds going, priming them for the hefty meal that will follow later on. From there, the recommendation on the next dish, according to most patrons who have been there and loved the place, is the kung pao chicken with mushrooms. You can take that dish with Tiajin chilies that will really tantalize your taste buds.

From there, you can wash down with a bottle from the really diverse wine list collection in the restaurant. It will ensure that you wrap up your evening’s or lunchtime feast really nicely.

As for the staff there, they are really courteous and ready to help you out should you get stuck on the menu selection.

With all of these remarkable qualities, it is hard not think about visiting this place. If you would like to learn more about No Name Chinese, then you can get in touch with them through their website – Noname Chinese or give them a a call on (786) 577-0734.

Tropical Chinese

When you are looking for a decent spot to have really good dim sum, then you cannot go wrong with Tropical Chinese. It is located in Ludlam. This place is really popular because it churns out delectable dishes that leave your mouth watering. It probably has to do with the way the food is prepared_ the way they do it in Hong Kong. While you are in this place, you must try their ‘world renowned’ dim sum and dumpling. The dim sum is popular because it is prepared from only the freshest ingredients and with an elegant touch. At lunchtime, every day, you will find a cart where very nice, aromatic dishes are served. After you are done with main course, you can then chow down on a really nice dessert.

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If you are interested in getting in touch with them as quickly as possible, you can do so through their website at – Tropical Chinese or call them on 305-262-7576. They should provide you with the information that you need.


Dining at the Fontainebleau has always been and will always be a remarkable experience. All who have walked through those doors, can attest to the elegant ambience and very appetizing menu selection there. It is truly first class and with the addition of the Hakkasan section to the hotel to provide Chinese-cuisine, more specifically Cantonese cuisine, it makes for a very interesting day or night out. It has to be said from the outset, that your wallet really needs to be loaded if you are to make your first Hakkasan experience a truly remarkable one. The place has USD 100 appetizers. From there, you can pretty much fill in rest, more specifically how much the main courses cost. Before you decide that the place is a little too rich for your blood, hold on a minute! The quality of the food you will get there is amazing and worth every penny. The world class chefs in Hakkasan restaurant, under the supervision of chef de cuisine Jian Heng Loo, produce dishes that will simply blow your mind every time. Their specialty is Cantonese classics. If you want crispy duck or jasmine tea smoked ribs, they will make it for you and you will be pleased. While you are there, you should try their dim sum with dumplings or their caviar and soft shell crabs on the weekend. You can wash these delicacies down with their popular Kowloon Cooler Mocktail. As was mentioned above, you will be in for a treat every time you walk past those doors. The only tricky part is getting a reservation because it tends to get full most of the year. But it will be worth the wait when you finally get in. If you are interested in learning more about Hakkasan, then please visit their website – Hakkasan or give them a call on (877) 326-7412.


With a name like Palmar, you are probably thinking that this restaurant is misplaced on this list. Do not turn away! This is not a misprint. The name is courtesy of a long list of misnomers like Barrio Chino in New York. It is a Chinese restaurant and it is one that you must consider getting into if you are in the city. You will not be disappointed by what you find while you are there. However, let us start with how it got its name. Palmar translates into palm grove in Spanish. As soon you about to enter its doors, you will be struck by the coolly designed interiors which feature a pink façade, elegant wicker lamps and an atmosphere filled with salsa playlist. Do not let that fool you, this place serves among the best dim sums and noodles in the city. This Wynwood spot has a terrific ambience. It is a place where you can wind down after a long day at work and gives you a Saturday Miami feel. While you are there, you should also try out the egg-fried rice with helping of duck egg yolk. Alternatively, you can try out the Mongolian beef followed by mocha ball dessert. Thereafter, you can wash your meal down with a drink from the many wine and beer selections on offer at the restaurant. Their wine and beer lists are huge and you are bound to find a drink that will quench your thirst or pair well with your meal. If you are keen on experiencing what Palmar has to offer, you can reach them at – Palmar or give them a call on (305) 573-5682.

Blackbrick Chinese And Dim Sum

Another Richard Hales splendid creations, the Blackbrick Chinese and Dim Sum is another popular restaurant. This in itself is astounding because the place is only two years old and giving other already seasoned restaurants a run for their money. If you are really interested in a new spin on Chinese food or just the classics, Blackbrick have you covered. They are very popular because they have managed to blend American and Chinese cuisine to create great and enticing lip-smacking dishes. For instance, their rabbit and duck recipes have both American and Chinese culinary influences, thus offering you the best of both worlds. While you are there, you should try any one of their meat dishes with a delicious accompaniment of well-selected vegetables that are in season or the noodles. Their fried chicken with fried rice is very popular with the patrons there. If you are interested in learning more about Blackbrick check out their Facebook page – Blackbrick Chinese or give them a call on (305) 573-8886.

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While this Alan Drummond and Sven Vogtland 10, 000 square foot complex, 1800-Lucky has numerous other businesses like the Lucky Records, there is an Asian market as well. There are several food vendors in this complex that serve different cuisine ranging from Chinese to American. Yip is one of food vendors there known for their fresh noodles which are prepared every morning. They handmade by the chef so that only quality ones make it to your bowl. There other dishes in the menu as well. Aside from the dumplings, you should try their mouthwatering dim sum that has set patrons’ tongues wagging. There are different pairing available for your consideration. If you would like to learn more about this place, please check out – Yip or give them a ring on (305) 399-7370.

Komodo Miami

If you had a really long night of partying and drinking, chances are you woke up the following morning with a monster hangover that could only be alleviated by Chinese food. But what if you could at least stave off the prospect of a hangover; cut it out completely with some good food? Would it not be nice? Komodo has heeded that call and they can be found in Brickell. This spot not only serves very good Chinese food but is a great place to dance the night away or just have drinks with your pals. While you are there, you should definitely try their Peking duck with dim sum as the accompaniment. Happy hour runs from Monday to Friday. If you would like to learn more about Komodo Miami, please check out their website on – Komodo or give them a call on 305-534-2211.

Golden Marquess Fine Chinese Cuisine

For a different Chinese takeout joint experience, then Golden Marquess should be right up there in your list of Chinese spots to hang out. It is renowned for its very delicious dim sum and while you are there, you should try their dumplings as well. They have a very wide menu selection that is guaranteed to please you if you desire something new and different on every visit. If you are interested in learning about this place, please visit, – Golden Marquess or dial them at 954-367-7730.


If you are looking for a place that offers variety in their cuisine options, then Tanuki is the place to be. It is renowned for its wide and diverse selections in Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese cuisines. Their Chinese menu, in particular, will give you something to rave about as soon as you walk out and their doors close behind you because it is just really nice. As soon as you sit on the table, there are a couple of starters you should definitely try out like the dim sums and bao buns. From there, it is up to you consider your main course more carefully. It is recommended that you try their Peking duck followed by their green tea chocolate soufflé. Afterwards, you can imbibe on a glass of any of their beverage selections offered there. For more information about this restaurant, please go to – Tanuki or give them a call on (305) 615-1055.

Jaya At The Setai

While it is predominantly an Indian restaurant, it offers other Asian cuisines as well. They have even gone as far as blending these cuisines with Indian to produce remarkably hot and spicy food. Its menu is simply bold, making it ideal for the adventurous foodie. As you take your seat in the courtyard table, one of the meals you ought to consider is the Peking duck with Indian flare and some dim sum. If you are keen on experiencing what this place has to offer, please check out their website – Jaya At The Setai or give them a call on (855) 923-7899.

Tony Chan’s Water Club

As soon as you walk past the doors of Tony Chan’s Water Club, you might be a little confused by the decor. It is not what you would associate with a traditional Chinese restaurant. However, like the cliché goes, you should not judge a book by its cover, a restaurant’s interior as its telling quality per se. This place is renowned for offering authentic and mouthwatering traditional Chinese dishes. The menu is predominantly classic Chinese dishes but there are a limited number with Chinese spins out there. While you are there, you should try out the Peking duck. Bring a friend because the duck is served whole and you might find yourself overwhelmed. Interested in learning more about this marvelous restaurant? Please check out their website at – Tony Chan’s Water Club or give them a call on tel:305-374-8888.

Mr. Chow

Famous for its celebrity patrons, Mr Chow is as posh as Chinese restaurant spots gets. In line with this, they have spared no expense in making the interiors as exquisite as the food in their menus. It is quite a pricy joint to get into but the food and service is worth it. Their staff are very presentable and courteous, ready to help you out in case of any query. As for the food, it is recommended that you try out their chicken satay or Peking duck. If you are interested in learning more about what Mr. Chow has to offer, please give them a call on (305) 695-1695 or check them out on – Mr. Chow.

Canton Chinese Restaurant

This family-owned establishment continues to attract more and more people as the years roll on. Part of the reason is their very enticing menu that has classic Chinese dishes. Another reason is the ambience with the courteous staff having a lot to do with it. While you are there, you can chow down on their popular sushi rolls as you wait for your order to arrive. Also worth checking out is the honey chicken. If you want to learn more about what the Canton Restaurant has to offer, check out their website – Canton Chinese or give them a call on tel:305-448-3736.

Kon Chau

For patrons on a budget, Kon Chau is the place to be. While you are there, their USD15 dim sum is worth a try along with shrimp dumplings. If you are interested in learning more about Kon Chau, please visit – Kon Chau or give them a call on tel:305-553-7799.

Gourmet Gourmet

This Flagler Street establishment is renowned for offering variety of takeout gourmet dishes. Their Chinese dishes like the Mongolian Beef or pork fried rice will leave you wanting more. If you want to learn more about ths place, please check out their website at – Gourmet Gourmet or give them a call at tel:305-443-8664.

Da Tang Zhen Wei Restaurant

Looking for a spot that offers you control over how your food is prepared? Look no further than the Da Tang Zhen Wei Restaurant. As a patron, you can customize your own soup with a whole list of ingredients available to you. This puts you in the driver’s seat as far as your nutritional needs are concerned. Their ingredients are fresh, guaranteeing you a healthy and flavor-filled experience. To learn more about this place, please check out their website – Da Tang Zhen Wei or give them a call on (786) 747-4686.


Hokasan is the place to be if you are looking to spice up your lunches with good handmade dumplings. If you want more variety, their menu has you covered. If you want to get in touch with them, you can do so through their Facebook page at – Hokasan.

Tropical Chinese Restaurant

This list would not be complete without highlighting this bastion of Miami Chinese culinary culture. Since 1984, this place was among the first Chinese food joints churning out dim sum and pork buns. To this day, they continue serving patrons with unforgettable dishes. If you want to learn more about this place, please give them a call on (305) 262-1552 or check them out on – Tropical Chinese.

Pei Wei

If you are looking for a place offers world class Chinese food with only the natural ingredients, the Pei Wei is right up there with the best of them. All their ingredients are sourced in-house, thus ensuring they stay true to their commitment to providing their customers with nothing short of the natural food. They have taken considerable effort in giving customers what they want. If you are gluten-intolerant, they will take care of you. Same goes if you are vegan or have some other dietary preference or restriction. While you are there, you should make a point of trying out their Wei Better Chicken. It is simply to die for. To learn more about who Pei Wei and what they offer, you should visit their website on – Pei Wei.

Gar Sing

For a place that will simply astound from the first moment you glimpse it for the first time, Gar Sing is a small and quaint place. It has a wide menu selection and well-known for their egg rolls that will leave you licking your fingers. While you are there you should try their beef lo mein and their egg drop soup. The best part about the Gar Sing experience is that it is very affordable. In Miami, it is very tough to find a good eating establishment that will not burn a hole in your pocket. If you are keen learning more about Gar Sing, please check out their website at – Gar Sing or give them a call on (305) 554-5120.

Dumpling King

For no-frills, genuine and delectable Chinese dumplings, you can never go wrong with the Dumpling King. Well, duh! It is the name, right? Well, the name really does not do this place the justice it deserves. This very intimate shop located in the bowels of the North Miami Beach strip mall, is the place to be when you want to satisfy your cravings for dumplings. Thereafter you can splash your dumpling mean down with boba tea. Aside from the dumplings, you ought to try their noodles as well, they are simply divine. For more information about what this place can do for you, please check out their website at – Dumpling King or call them at (305) 654-4008.