Winter presents its fair share of transportation and activity challenges. Unlike summer where the sun shines high and you can move around freely without any entanglements or problems, winter snow is a whole different can of worms. Freak snow storms tend to make moving around dangerous. However, Boston winters are not as severe as those experienced in other parts of the US. At least while you are in this city, you do not have to worry about being trapped in the snow or having your movement curtailed. In this article, you will find out what kinds of activities and great places where you can do and visit to have fun in the city.

Go To The Mayor’s Holiday Special

Winter comes at a where the holiday season is in full swing and the Mayor’s Holiday Special, which kicked off in 2003 is a must be if you are looking for something to add pomp and color to your holiday experience. Every year there is a new attraction which culminates into a New Year celebration that is among the best in the US. Check out –

Visit LegoLand

Boston LegoLand -
You can take your little ones to Legoland where they can experience various scavenger hunt challenge and building challenges, just to mention a few. There are new attractions every weekend during the winter and you are guaranteed to find something you can enjoy. Website –

Taste Wine

The winter season can get chilly and going on wine tasting run is a great way to warm you up. There you will have access to numerous wine types that will tantalize and excite your taste buds. The Boston Winery is the place to be for this marvelous event whose entry is $10. Wine tastings take place every Saturday between the hours of 1P.M. and 6P.M.

Go Rock Climbing

Boston Rock Climbing -
Tired of just sitting around and nothing is happening? Are you in the mood to push yourself to levels you thought you were not capable of? Well, rock climbing at the Rock Spot Climbing should get the blood pumping in the right places. The Rock Spot Climbing arena has opened another sub-branch in the 30 Old Colony Avenue. Website –

Go Roller-Skating

How long has it been since you hit up a roller rink? Are still as confident on a pair of roller-skates? Do not just sit around your home as your roller-skates gather dust in your closet. All you can do is visit one of the many roller rinks and just glide the night or day away as you prefer. One of the places you should make your way to this winter is the Roller World roller rink. Charges ranges from $5 to $8.50 and depend on special conditions. It opens from 3P.M. to 11P.M. and you get discounts every Wednesday. website –

Go Hit Golf Balls At The Various Courses And Driving Range

Want to perfect your swing at a golf course without spending too much on a membership? With Golf Country and its three courses in Easton, Saugus and Middleton, you have access to driving ranges that are open all year round. The one in Saugus is very popular because it has over 45 stations, 23 of which are heated and covered, ideal for winter. For you to get a bucket of golf balls, approximately 110 balls you have to pay $110 and 75 balls for $9. Website –

Go Look For Antiques

All-year-round there are loads of deals in antiques, especially in the Cambridge Antique Market. In this place, you have access to over 160 dealers from which you can sift through various deals. In this market, you can find a majority of things ranging from clothes to toys. It is a great way of keeping busy during the winter. Website –

Go Sledding

What do you get when you mix a snowy slope, sled and loads of courage? A really good time. It is a great way to kill some time during the day. All you have to do is just find a good steep hill near your place and get yourself some courage to work up the nerve to go through with it. Website –

Visit Your Local Library

Boston Library -
If you are keen on socializing without having to fork out dollars, then you should make your way to a local library. There you are bound to find activities that will keep you busy, especially during the winter. All you have to do is pick up a program from the librarian or visit the website to know which activities are available. For instance in Somerville, you will have access to Chess Night Monday every February. It is a good way of keeping sharp and meeting new people of different ages and expertise levels. Website –

Browse Boats

Boating season seems so far off, but there’s a way to make your summer dreaming a reality — sort of. You can immerse yourself in all things boat at the New England Boat Show Feb. 14-22. New England’s premier winter boating event will take place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and feature more than 250 exhibits of the latest in marine accessories, as well as powerboats of all makes and models, sailboats, and more. Admission is $15 and children 15 and under are free. Website –

Grab A Cup Of Hot Chocolate

Nothing quite settles the nerves in a chilly winter period like a cup of hot chocolate. In Boston, there are numerous joints where you can get exquisitely prepared hot chocolate. Examples of these joints include, Max Brenner and L.A. Burdick. You can get very new and sumptuous takes on this timeless winter beverage. It is a great way of just keeping warm and tantalizing the senses. Websites:

Dine Out Boston

Dine Out Boston offers you an opportunity to chow down in expensive restaurants but at a very affordable cost. Starting out as Boston Restaurant Week, Dine Out has morphed into a must-attend event that takes place every March and features a lot of pricy restaurants. All you have to do is simply show up and go to a participating restaurant and order a meal from there. Price ranges from $15 to $30 for very exquisitely prepared meals.

Take A Chocolate Tour

Boston Chocolate Tour -
If you are keen on the type of chocolates that caress your lips, then the Boston Chocolate Tour is the place to start. One of the shops you must visit is Taza. They are famed for very scrumptious tasting dark chocolate that is fully organic for a $6-tour. Tours in the Taza factory last for over 45 minutes to an hour. For every $6 spent at the entrance, $1 is donated for educational outreach initiative carried out by the Museum of Science. Website –

Try Out Yoga

Yoga is one of the ways of maintaining a tone and tight body as well as centering the mind. As long as the body and the mind are worked in those periods of winter, you will have optimal levels of energy. If you are interested in getting to a yoga class in the Boston area, the Back Bay Yoga Studio is the place to be. One class sets you back for $15 per class. The instructors are great and will take you through the various yoga positions getting you up to speed as quickly as possible when you are a newbie.

Visit The Boston Flower And Garden Show

If you are interested in garden shows and viewing what different people who are into gardening in Boston are doing, then the Boston Flower and Gardent Show is the place to be. It is hosted in the Seaport World Trade Center and takes place in March. While you are there, you get to glimpse floral designs, gardening and a little bit of cooking. You also get a chance to access lectures on the newest trends in gardening to make your gardening experience more fulfilling and intellectually. Charges per person are: $20 for adults, $17 for seniors and $10 for kids above 6. Website –

Got To An Improv Comedy Session

As long as you are interested in something new, then ImprovBoston is an experience you should definitely put in your diary. You never quite know what to expect from these shows. The Naked Comedy Showcase is one of the most popular events in the improv circuit but do not get carried away by the title. All the performers are fully clothed. You can get tickets for $10 to $18 for one off events and open mic nights are free and Sundays are pay whatever you want above $10. Website –

Enjoy Sports Memorabilia In The Sports Museum

From baseball to football, Bostonians really love their sports. There are very many sporting icons like Adam Vinatieri, hail from Boston even though they do not play locally. His immense contribution to the New England Patriots to win the first Super Bowl and the shoes he used to achieve that feat are located The Sports Museum. You will also find Larry Birds locker in the same Museums, as well as the Bean Pot trophy, are some of the main attractions you will find there. Charges at the gate $12 for students, $6 for seniors and free for children under 10. Website –

Visit Plays At The Boston Children Museum

In support of the kids, you can make your way to the Children’s Museum and pay $14 per person daily and discounts every Friday as low as $1 per person. There are numerous exhibits that are guaranteed to thrill and astound you. It is worth noting that the Friday night deal lasts from 5 P.M. and 9 P.M. Sure beats spending your winter Friday evenings locked up in your home wishing for Spring to come soon. Website –

Take A Tour Of The Samuel Adams Brewery

Samuel Adams Brewery -
Beer is a very interesting beverage. It comes in many brands and types. If you were ever curious about how it was made, then Samuel Adams is the place to be. It offers not only tours around the facility but also tastings as well all for an affordable sum of $2. The tour bus departs every 45 minutes and tours go on for about an hour. Weekends are the busiest days and if you intend to go on one of those days, you are best served by arriving there early to beat the opening time of 10 A.M. on the dot. Most people who want to avoid those long queues make their way to the brewery at 9.40 A.M on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for the Morning Mash in Tour. This tour is popular because it allows for tasting various beer samples as well. Website –

Walk Through The Various Museums

By now it is clear that you do not have to break the bank to have a great time while you are in Boston. At times, you only need to show up at some spots and enter just for free. While museums have been associated with charges for a long time, the Bad Art Museum in Somerville is free to one and all. It has branches in Brookline and South Weymouth. Other free museums you can walk through during winter and not spend a dime include the Fuller Craft Museum located in Brockton, the Boston University Art Gallery in the city, the MIT Museum located in Cambridge. Is your name Isabella? Well, if it is, then you are eligible for free entry into the Isabella Gardner for free. Visiting museums during winter is bound to be a very enriching and colorful experience that you will keep you yearning for more especially when new exhibits come about. Just get in touch with these places to learn more about the new exhibits on show. Websites:

Go To The Movies

Movies are a great way to pass the time when the frigid winter come calling. There are numerous cinemas in the city and the most popular one is the Brattle Theatre. Dubbed the home of ‘damn fine cinema’, every time you enter the cinema hall, you are guaranteed a fun treat. It shows movies of different genres and time periods. Their selection is just out of this world and you are guaranteed of leaving there satisfied and wondering about how fast the time flew. Tickets for general admission are $11. Matinee tickets go for $9 for students and $8 for children. Website –

Take A Tour The Various Architectural Marvels Of Boston

Boston is a cosmopolitan city not only steeped in history but culture as well. Buildings are an example of the culture of the time and you can learn about the various buildings in the Boston Public Library. In this library, you will find out more about the different architects who designed the buildings in Boston like Phillip Johnson and Charles Follen McKim. If you are interested in famous sculptors and painters, you will find all the resources you need in the library and the tour guides who will show you around.

Go Skiing

Boston Skiing -
Who said you have to fork out large sums of money to ski in those luxurious and very expensive ski resorts in Aspen or the Alps? As long as you have $25, you can check the Blue Hills Ski Area. It is located in Canton. You can ski from 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. and $25 to ski during the weekdays. Website –

Go Salsa

There is nothing quite as satisfying as salsa dancing to high tempo music. For only $12, you can dance the bad winter vibes away on Fridays and Saturdays. All you have to do to enjoy the $12 admission is show up in a dapper ensemble and be over the legal age of 21. Everyone is welcome for admission. Website –

Go Ice-Skating

Ice skating more your fancy? You can take to the ice and channel your inner world class ice skater on the frozen Frog Pond at the Boston Common. Charges for admission depend on the skater’s height with people under 58 inches entering free and those above paying $5. As for rentals, you will have to pay $10 for adults and $5 for kids skates. You can skate from the months of December to March. Website –

Check Out The Boston Bean Pot College Challenges

If you still have not had your fill of sports in the city, you can still watch college kids compete in the Beach Pot. All the Ivy League schools, Harvard University, Boston College and Northeastern University. It runs for one week in February and teams compete in a single ice hockey tournament. The Bean Pot challenge is a really huge deal when it comes to deciding who is king of the ice and you can rest assured that there will be loads of drama and excitement that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Website –

Attend The Walk For Peace At The Armenian Heritage Park

If you are into promoting peace for all humankind, then the walk as organized through the Armenian Heritage Park will definitely be worth checking out. It takes place every December and a procession through the Greenway is designed to promote harmony and peaceful coexistence among the community. Think of that walk as doing your bit to ensure that people can live together peacefully. Website –

Watch Somerville Light Up

If you find yourself in the precincts of Somerville you should catch the Somerville town lightshow. All you have to do is just get on the trolley and drive around, taking in the light show from various residents in the area. Tours for this light show take place for 45 minutes and start from Somerville City Hall. There are plenty of beverages and cookies for the kids.

Toss Tea At The Boston Tea Party

If you are into history, then you should get into the recreation of the Boston Tea Party. This event takes places annually. It gives spectators a chance to get steeped in history and relive the excitement of a moment that decided the fate of the United States of America. In this event, you get to toss expired tea from ‘colonizers of the crown’. In addition, you will get to take part in a parade commemorating this monumental moment in history. Website –

Attend The Festival Of Lights

The Museum of Fine Arts Boston takes Hanukkah celebrations to a whole new level every year with Festival of Lights. This festival has musical tours combined with very many lights that probably visible from space. Entry to this festival is free and it comes on different dates that you should keep your tabs on. This way you will not miss out on the classy acts that make their way to the stage. Website –

Board The Enchanted Trolley

A tradition that started way back in 1997, the Mayor’s Enchanted Trolley takes place every beginning of December. It is an occasion where people from different backgrounds congregate together to celebrate each other and foster community unity. It is a mayoral tradition that has done wonders in spreading the spirit of togetherness during the holiday season. All the festivities in the campaign start from Mattapan and make their way to the City Square. Website –

Pop-up Miracle

If you do not mind getting a different taste of famous New York cocktails, then you will definitely enjoy the pop-up bar tours around Boston that will serve you any cocktail you would. If you would like to follow them around as they make their way through Massachusetts, you should be in a great position to quench your thirst with great holiday themed cocktails that will blow your mind.

Who says winter has to be drab and spent indoors the entire time? As long as you are in Boston, you will find just about any fun activity that will drive the winter chill away and uplift your mood all the same. The aforementioned activities are just the tip of the iceberg if you are keen on having fun. There are other activities you can do and places to find that will tickle your fancy just as much as these ones listed above. Winter chills will be a thing of the past as long as you can find something fun to do while you are in Boston.