Things To Do During The Summer In Boston MA

Things To Do During The Summer In Boston MA -


When you are in Boston at any given time of the year, you have access to a wide array of activities you can take part in to pass the time. Boston is city that has basically something for everyone at any given time. For people looking to get steeped in the culture, there are a couple of places you can visit. Sports, the same.

In the summer, there are a couple of things you ought to consider doing if you are looking to make the visit to Boston a truly unforgettable experience. This article explores the various places, activities and other vital details that are guaranteed to give you a good time. In this article, we will explore not only outdoor activities, which are the most predominant ones, but also, indoor activities as well. Who said, you cannot have fun indoors during summer.

The Top Activities And Places To Do And Be During Summer

Summer Concerts In Boston

Summer Concerts In Boston -
Summers come with a kind of feel good vibe that just makes people want relax and enjoy some tunes by their favorite artists. With good weather, good music makes the experience all the more enjoyable. As summer comes around, there is a certain clamor for outside concerts. It probably has to do with the chill summer nights which when mixed with tunes belted out by pop favorites and emerging acts. There are a couple of venues where you can enjoy good music. They are as follows: Gillette Stadium, Fenway Park, Blue Hills Pavilion and Xfinity. – Go here

The Gillette Stadium and Fenway Park tend to attract very high profile performers from all over the world.

In terms of costs of these concerts, it is recommended that people buy tickets in advance and save on loads. The acts that will be featured in the stadiums will always be highlighted in advance and you can plan your way around the concerts. You can find the schedules online and buy tickets in advance.

If you are into indoor concerts, there are some as well like the ones in Xfinity Center.

Why Not Watch Whales As You Cruise In The Atlantic Nearby

Did you know that you can have short cruises on the Atlantic while you are in Boston? In fact, they are the most popular activities during the summer there. All you have to do is just book a cruise and go out to the ocean where you will enjoy the beautiful ocean wild life. Not only that but you can watch whales near the Stellwagen Bank as well. If you have never truly seen marine wild life up close (though it is not as close as touching them as you would in those shark cages in Hawaii), then the various cruises that embark on whale watching excursions will get you there.

Among the main species of whales you will encounter when you go on these cruises are minke whales, humpbacks and finbacks. Along the way you will still encounter other animals like dolphins, birds and a whole host of marine wild life.

During those tour cruises, you will also get to see the various famous lighthouses in the Boston Harbor Islands.

If you want to get ahead of the queue when booking these cruises all you have to do is simply check with the various tour guide offices, get a quote. It will be up to you to settle for the service that you feel most comfortable with.

There are also tours and cruises like the Boston Duck Tours, Boston Harbor and River on the river.

Summer Tours

Boston Summer Tours -
If you were looking for a variety of tours you can register with and get around the city in a fun and exciting way, then you will not be disappointed with tours that are on offer. The following are the main summer tours that will thrill and enchant you as you move around the city and get informed about the city’s history and attractions: Boston Hop on Hop off Sightseeing Tour, American History Tour, Boston Brewery Tour and Boston One Day Sightseeing Tour.

In the ‘Boston Hop on Hop off Sightseeing Tour’, you will be in a trolley with a tour guide taking through over 125 places. This tour lasts over 2 hours if you stay on the bus all through but you can get on and get off if you fancy as many times without any problem. This tour goes through the New England Aquarium, Beacon Hill and Museum of Fine Arts. In Beacon Hill you will have a wide variety of eateries to choose from. Also, you get free admission to Old State House and a Harbor Cruise with every ticket you purchase.

As for the American History tour, this tour runs in the towns of Cambridge, Concord Day and Lexington and last for four and a half hours. The beauty about going on this tour is that you will get to see the Road Trail which Paul Revere took. You will make your way to Harvard Square and spot where the Revolutionary soldiers huddled together at Cambridge. In short, you will get a chance to relive part of Boston’s immensely captivating history in one short trip.

If you would like a nice cold beer or want to experience different brews, then the Boston Brewery Tour is the place you want to be. When you go to this tour, you will get access to over 15 locally brewed beers and many more that will tantalize your palate. On this tour, you will get a chance to see what happens in the background and how the beers are made.

The final tour you must consider going on is the ‘Boston in One Day Sightseeing Tour’. This is the ideal tour if you find yourself pressed for time but still want to experience what Boston has to offer. In this tour, you will get to see over 20 sites that have put the city of Boston on the map. In this tour, you will make your way to North End, Beacon Hill and a whole host of locations. All you have to do when you get to this city and want this package is just inquire from your travel agent what the favorable packages are there.

As long as you have time on your hands and want to immerse yourself in the history of Boston, then these tours will be the best fit for you.

Still Think That The Beach Is The Best Way To Spend The Summer? Why Not Make Your Way To Beautiful Boston Beaches?

Have you ever been to a place where the beach is accessible from the subway? Well, the stunningly gorgeous Revere Beach is an example of such a beach. You can enjoy the warm summer at not only this beach but also Cape Cod and Gloucester. These beaches team with revelers at the summer and is never short of excitement. Aside from those aforementioned beaches, you will also have access to Rhode Island and Maine Beaches as well which are accessible to all and quick to get to when you need them.

Beaches Not Your Thing? Why Not Take Advantage Of The Many Hotels

Sun and sand might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people just prefer lounging near a swimming pool on a lounge chair without the added hassles of people coming into their personal space. To address this problem once and for all, people simply make their way to the numerous hotels in Boston with outdoor pools. One example of such a hotel is the Verb. In order to get a reservation in this hotel, all you have to do is just be prompt. The Verb is very popular hotel in that tends to have very limited spaces all year round. Other hotels worth looking into while you stay in Boston include Colonnade Hotel and Revere Hotel.

Take Me To A Ball Game! Experience The Red Sox At Fenway Park

Fenway Park -
Baseball is another of America’s favorite past times with legends upon legends gracing the sport and inspiring millions, if not billions who follow the sport. The Boston Red Sox’s are the pride of Boston having won numerous accolades and 9 World Series trophies to boot. Summer is when the boys love to play and you should consider getting yourself a ticket to one of the games. The stadium is very easy to get to and the buoyant atmosphere just makes you not want to leave.

If you are interested in getting to the games at stadium, all you have to do is check them out at the club’s official website. From there, you could also book advance tickets so that you will not have to queue for long swathes of time. If you have a car and are worried about finding a good parking spot, do not fret! There are numerous parking lots.

After the game, if you are keen on grabbing cold one or two, then there are a couple of sports bars you should check out. They have a very pleasant crowd and you will most probably wind up making a friend or two.

Enjoy The Cool Ocean Breeze At The Waterfront

Want to play make-belief that you are captain of your own luxurious water vessel? Or are you curious about how to go about sailing well or just want to add sailing to your repertoire as a beginner? Waterfront City is the place to be when you want to achieve these ends. There are numerous charters and clubs you can join as you pass the time on the water.

Outdoor Dining

Boston Outdoor Dining -
Boston is a cosmopolitan melting pot where you can find different cuisines and restaurants to cater to the different tastes and curiosities that people have about food. In this city, you will find restaurants that offer both indoor and patio seating. You will find a majority of the restaurants at the Back Bay area.

If you like a more outdoorsy and scenic dining experience, then the Waterfront and Seaport area will cater to that desire exquisitely.

The Freedom Trail

If you are keen on seeing the Massachusetts State House but with a more scenic route, then the Freedom Trail is must consider for you. As you make your way to the State House via this trail, you will notice the striking red stripe marks on it. Not only that, you have a chance to enjoy a walk through American History as you make your way through the 2 and half mile length that just overlooks the Boston Common.

The tour guides there will explain the history behind the significant sites contained in the trail as well downtown Boston, Charlestown and North End.

Want A Glimpse Of Beautiful Nature In The Summer? Why Not Go To The Kelleher Rose Garden

If you are into magnificent gardens that are just beautiful pieces of art, then the Kelleher Rose Garden, near Fenway Park is a place you must visit. It has a very intricately designed landscape with beautifully arranged roses that just brings the garden to life. If you are very enthusiastic about gardening and have seen pictures of this garden in magazines, summer is the perfect time to see those flowers.

Other gardens you might want to consider visiting are Beacon Hill, South End, Fenway and Cambridge, just to mention a few. You can make plans in advance for tours in these gardens.

Explore Boston By Bike

Boston Bike -
If you are into biking around a new place, then Amsterdam in the Netherlands or Paris are not the only places to do it. You can do it in Boston as well. Most people who have biked around Boston have attested to the experience being a great way of getting around the city and taking it all in as you move. At the Boston City Hall Plaza, you will find a group of avid riders who will lead you around the city while telling you more about the city’s history. The beauty about riding around with this group of stellar individuals is that they do not discriminate. They have tours for people of all ages and skill levels. Once you get on that bike and move around, everything around you melts away making it a very relaxing experience for you and yours, if they are accompanying you.

Get In Touch With Nature

Boston - Get In Touch With Nature -
Along the same lines of getting in touch with nature, all you have to do if biking around Boston is not your thing, just make your way to Franklin Park. Ensure that you bring your camera with you so that you can take snaps of the beautiful wild life at the Franklin Park Zoo. In the park, you have access to the following activities: picnics and running. The place is very family-friendly and definitely worth a look in.

Visit The Various Museums In The Area

Boston Museums -
If you are keen on experiencing a little bit of history in art and science, the various museums in this city will intrigue and fascinate you immensely. In Boston, you will find the Museum of Fine Art and the Museum of Science.

In the Museum of Science, you have access to a wide range of fascinating exhibits. The ‘Astronomy After Hours’ is a very popular attraction to many and it features a presentations on the stars every Friday Night. The Gillian Observatory is a must-visit place in this museum and you get to see the various stars there.

The Hall of Human Life in this museum has everything you would love to see and it will amaze and captivate audiences of different ages. Visits are free.

As for the Museum of Fine Arts, they will be a great fit for you if are a connoisseur of good artwork or just want to try it out for yourself. In the museum, you will find various works of art that are of significant importance like American craftwork, portraits and furniture. They also have a collection of exquisite World and European artwork.

All these museums have guest exhibits and if you are curious about them, please visit, their websites to learn more.

Check Out The New England Aquarium

Boston Aquarium -
The New England Aquarium is a great place to visit if you would like to continue commiserating with nature. If you are still hankering to watch marine animals of different species, shapes and sizes, this aquarium will not disappoint. It features very many species collected worldwide.

These include penguins and other animals.

It is ideally located along the harbor which makes for great scenery.

The Charles River Esplanade

If you are looking for a great place to take photos, then the Charles River Esplanade is the place to start. It is a 3-mile stretcher where you will find a beehive of activity.

While you are there, you will find the following: sculptures, swing sets and just about any other fun outdoor activity. In the months of July and August, you will also see free movies by the grass at 8:30 at night. Here you will find swing sets, sailboats, sculptures, and more! During July and August “Friday Flicks” are held every Friday night with a free (kid-friendly) movie you can watch on the grass. The movies start when the sun goes down, usually between 8-8:30.

The park is very scenic and picturesque making for the ideal spot to take a few snaps.

Faneuil Hall

Boston Faneuil Hall -
If you are looking for somewhere you could just get lost in for hours and hours watching different people going about their business, then this hall is yours. It has basically all the amenities you would like boutiques, bars and restaurants. It is also free for admission.

There is also loads of entertainment from street performers as well.

SoWa Sunday Vintage Markets

If you are keen on making the most of your free Sundays in Boston, then you should make your way to the SoWa Sunday Vintage Markets. Entrance is free and you get a chance to sample different foods from different vendors. The beauty is that the produce is fresh and naturally grown. Also available during this festival is artwork from upcoming artists. In addition, you will also get access to handmade craft stands as well. After you are done shopping, you can just enjoy food from different vendors in the market square.

If you want to avoid long queues in the food trucks, make sure you are at the various food stands before noon.

Get in on the Harborfest

This Boston tradition is held on every 4th of July to commemorate the city’s contributions to the forging of American history. It features reenactments, attractions and tours. These things showcase the town’s rich history with props included making it a very interesting experience overall. As of 2018, it went deep into June to give spectators more time to enjoy the event.

All you have to do to get in this event, is simply show up or have some very little money on hand. It is not included with your Boston Go card

Boston Scooper Bowl Ice Cream Fest

This exclusive Boston affair offers residents and tourists one in the same the chance to eat as much ice cream as they would care to for charity. Jimmy Fund at Dana Farber gets all the profits and funds.

After you finish, you can have a chance to make your say known on the flavors you liked. If you want to join the fest, you have to pay as per the different categories. All-you-can eat tickets have a separate pricing arrangement that is not included with the Boston Go Card.

If you are keen on getting a good time in Boston, then the aforementioned places are a great place to start.