Best Movie Theaters In Boston, MA

Best Movie Theaters In Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media


A good movie theatre is not just a place where people watch movies; it is much more than that. There are so many things, which make for a good movie theatre. People want the place to be clean, the chairs to be comfortable, and good snacking choices like popcorn and nachos. These are the factors which make the best movie theatres in Boston MA, appealing for people.

AMC Boston Common 19

The specialty of this theatre is that, it helps users experience AMC amenities. It is located at 175 Tremont St. There are spacious rocking seats, and recliners for the comfort of the audience, making it one of the best movie theatres in Boston MA. The menus are innovative, and they even offer customers things like IMAX, Dolby Cinema and Prime. There is a huge range of movies that the theatre offers. Every customer gets their own assigned seat, and the overall movie watching experience is good too. Customers can get their tickets from the self-serve kiosk, and they don’t have to go through any line; AMCTheatres.

Regal Fenway & RPX

This theatre is located at 210 Brookline Ave. This is one of the best movie theatres in Boston MA, mainly because of the reclining seats. The lobby of the theatre has a bar, and the customers can buy good draft beers from there. They even student discounts, when students show them their ID. The snack bar of the theatre is good too, as they have the usual popcorn, candy, and pretzels; RegMovies. If someone wants a comfortable seat, then they should always choose the reclining seat, and never the stadium seats. See the best mexican restaurant in Boston, MA – Go Here.

ShowPlace Icon

This theatre is located at 60 Seaport Blvd. The sound system of the theatre is really good, and it is one of the best movie theatres in Boston MA, where people can watch action movies. The snack bar of the cinema is good, and there are no overpriced items. As the area is huge, the place offers other dining options to customers, which means that they can spend a good time of the day here. ShowPlace Icon offers standards theatres and Icon-X, which is similar to IMAX theatres; ShowPlaceIcon. The seats have memory foam and if the audience wants, then the servers would bring them their drink in the theatre. See the best Chinese food restaurant Boston, MA, – Website.

Arclight Cinemas

This theatre is located at 60 Causeway St. The seats are comfortable, and the popcorn is good as well. The cinemas have a large screen, which makes it one of the best movie theatres in Boston MA. The customers get to choose their own seat, and get access to a full bar as well. However, for come customers, the drink and food is expensive, but the customers don’t have to stand in line to get tickets.

When customers look for a good movie theatre, they are looking for a place where they can find comfortable seats and recliners, and get the best popcorn. Also look at the best coffee house in Boston MA – Click Here.