Things To Do In Allston, Boston, MA

Things To Do In Allston, Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media


Allston’s population is divided between students, post-grads, and working class families. There are always things to do in Allston, Boston, MA for everyone, be it a restaurant, or a place where they can take part in fun activities.

Model Cafe

Even though going to a cafe doesn’t qualify as one of the things to do in Allston, Boston, MA, it is still a really good place to go. People will usually find a college crowd in this cafe, mainly because the jukebox of the place is really good. The cafe serves cheap drinks, and is a good place to hang out. It is located at 7 North Beacon St, Allston; TimeOut.

Silhoutte Lounge

This is the best place to come and have a good time with friends. Here, people can play darts and pool, drink beer and mixed drinks and just listen to the soundtracks in the background. This is one of the things to do in Allston, Boston, MA, even though it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if someone wants to spend fun time, in a cheap place, then this is the best place they can do. As a bonus, this place serves popcorn as well! Look at the best Indian restaurant in Boston, MA, – Go Here.


This is a wallet-friendly restaurant, where vegans and vegetarians can dine in.There are several dishes, made with standard packed veggies. The best things to eat here include tofu, seitan and seafood (the vegan version). The crowd favorite dish here is named ‘No Name’, and it has a very sweet and sour sauce. There are several desserts in this shop, especially made for vegans, and this includes shakes and cakes. If you want to find things to do in Allston, Boston, MA, and want to have dinner, then visit Grasshopper Vegan.

Great Scott

Not everyone feels satisfied when they listen to music online; some people want to watch their favorite artists play live, in front of them. Great Scott is the perfect place for those people, who are looking for things to do in Allston, Boston, MA on a Saturday night. Big names like Hot Chip and MGMT, all had their gigs at Great Scott, before they started touring big venues. There is no backstage, and the palce is small as well, which is why it is a good place for people to see their favorite musicians up close. The place has beer and the best music, which sound good on a weekend night. Check this best sushi restaurants in Boston MA, – Click Here. Also look at a list of colleges in Boston, MA, – Website.

Twin Donuts

These is a really old donut store, and its secret is that it sells really tasty donuts. The joint opens at 4am, and there are people who regularly visit this place for their morning fix. This place is quite popular among the regulars of this place, and it serves customers day and nightl BU.

If a family is looking for vegan and vegetarian food, then they can also visit ‘Whole Heart Prvisions’. There are plenty of dishes available for customers, which include rice dishes, veggies, tofu, nuts and sauce. The food portions are very generous and families will definitely have a good time here.