How Much Are Stand Up Desks?

How Much Are Stand Up Desks? - Bill Lentis Media


To give a definitive answer on the cost of standing desks is not possible. There are a number of reasons which determine the cost of standing desks. The most important is the type of standing desk. Standing desks are of different types, from fixed to adjustable, manual to electronic. Then there are the different designs and brands, etc.

These are some of the factors that determine the cost of a standing desk. If we talk about an average, standing desk can cost you somewhere from $150 to over $2000. Let’s take a look at different types of standing desks.

Types Of Standing Desks

Let’s talk about the different types of standing desks that are available these days:

Full Standing Desks

Full standing desk replaces your existing desk and can usually be used for both sitting and standing; Adjustable Comfortable Converter. They come with the option of either adjusting the height of the desk through electronic or non-electronic means. Also look at standing desk for health benefits – Website.

• Electric Standing Desks:

These desks are usually equipped with motors and an electronic panel. It can easily be adjusted to different height for sitting and standing. Some manufacturers also provide memory preset so you can easily switch from standing to sitting. They usually start from $500 (with good quality and warranty). You can also find some desks below that price. See will standing desk help back pain – Click Here.

• Non-Electric Standing Desks:

These are usually adjusted manually or through non-electric means. It can be a good option if you are under tight budget, as they are cost effective. The negative aspect of these desks is that it can be a little inconvenient to manually adjust the height each time you switch between sitting and standing. Check out standing desk and knee pain – Website.

Standing Desk Converters

As the name suggest, they convert your existing desk to a stand up desk. Converters are a good option if you are under a tight budget; Mount Work station Converter. But converters usually provide limited work surface. Some converters might not be that stable when compared to a full size standing desk.

• Fixed Converters:

Fixed converters change your sitting setup to a standing on a more permanent basis. The converter itself is not adjustable. If the converter is placed on the top of your existing desk to turn it into a standing desk, you will have to move the full converter from your desk to adjust for sitting again.

• Electric Converters:

These types of converters are electronically adjustable to different heights. They usually cost somewhere around $250 to $350 (can be lower or higher). The disadvantage of these types of converters is that you can buy a full size standing desk just by raising your budget a little more.

• Non-Electronic Converters:

These types of converters are operated manually. They are the most common type of converters used and can be conveniently adjusted to different heights.

Final Thoughts

The cost of standing desk varies with the type and quality of standing desk you are willing to purchase. Standing desk converters can be very effective for people under a tighter budget. But you might have to compromise on the working surface and they can be less stable.