Are Standing Desk Worth It?

Are Standing Desk Worth It? - Bill Lentis Media


Since studies have found standing to be more beneficial than sitting, there are number of manufacturers making standing desks; Amazon. These include different types of standing desks, such as full standing desk and standing desk converters. They are further divided into adjustable and non-adjustable. Many people have also made their own standing desks, which are cost-effective and some use household items like stacks of books and boxes making their standing desk completely free.

With so many cost-effective and free ways to convert your existing desk to a standing desk, one might wonder if it is worth to invest so much on a full standing desk. See are standing desk bad for you – Click Here.

Benefits Of Full Standing Desk Over Converters And DIY Methods

There are still reasons to believe that full standing desks are still worth it. Check out some of the benefits of the full standing desks over DIY methods and converters:


It is one of the biggest reasons that full standing desk are still worth it. Usually converters provide limited workspace, and so does some other cheap DIY methods. A full standing desk provides you the same workspace as conventional desks. See the best bamboo standing desks – More Info.


Many converters lack the stability of a full standing desk. DIY methods that involve quick solutions, like placing stacks of book or placing something beneath the legs of the table can also be very unstable. If you are going for a DIY full standing desk making sure it is stable, it won’t be that cost-effective anymore. It will consume more time, energy and cost. This is the reason in terms of stability, full standing desk can be still the best choice. Look at uplift v2 desk review – Website.


One thing we might forget to bring in account when choosing a standing desk converter over a full standing desk. That is our regular desk. Standing desk converters converts your existing desks to standing desk, which can take a lot of space on your existing desk if not full. While when you purchase a full standing desk, you can still use the complete workspace of your regular desk. Why not sell that existing desk and raise your budget to purchase a full standing desk.


Standing desk converters are usually designed to place and use laptops or computers. On the other hand, full standing desks can be used for multiple purposes. Office jobs are not limited to operate computers but there are types of work that involves sitting and require bigger workspace. So full standing desk can be ideal for all types of jobs and workers, who want to change their desks from sitting to standing ones.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference, needs and budget. There are many good standing desk converters out there, and they might prove to be the optimal setup for your work environment; Amazon. This article just highlights some of the important aspects of a full standing desk, and what type of benefits it provides which might be lacking on some other types of methods that allow you to stand at your desk.