The Misconception Of The Demise Of Blogging

The Misconception Of The Demise Of Blogging -


In beginning, blogging was the ‘it’ thing with everyone wanting to start their own blog site. After some time most of these people dropped off the face of the blogging world and now slander the noble endeavor. If you join blogging like a pyramid scheme and only seek quick fortune without effort, you had better find a different way to direct your efforts. Think of blogging as a long distance run where only those built for endurance and raw grit ever make it to the finish line.

Blogging is not an endeavor for the weak hearted and as more people fall off the wagon of blogging you will find that those who endure finally learn the nitty gritty and thus succeed. There are many tweaks in blogging, which eventually sum up to establish you as an authority in the blogging world.

Yes, you may have the writing skills and creativity it takes to start off but do you have the motivation to keep going or marketing skills to spread your content? Consistency is what most lacked when everyone jumped at the chance to blog in 2007. Over time wheat and chaff separated and we can now see tell a legitimate blogger from a struggle.

So, how do you find the motivation to stick to blogging and eventually establish yourself as a blogging authority? Well, read on.

Get Something Out Of It If You Are Going to Do it

No, you do not have to be a non-profit blogger who does it for the fun of it. That is how most bloggers eventually put blogging on the back burner and seek greener pastures. If you want to find the motivation, you have to get something out of blogging and being paid is one of those things.

The internet has currently taken to online education as many people visit the internet to garner information. Create informative content on your blog and you get more viewers and subscribers for your e-learning course.

Content marketing is a booming trend on the internet and you can market practically anything on the internet. As it stands, companies will pay to have a product description posted up on your blog and a link leading back to their website.

Additionally, you can structure your blog to allow for a membership subscription. In this case, you need to have gripping content, which makes people want to subscribe to your blog.

Always Plan Ahead Before Starting Your Blogging Career

Those who start blogging are more than those who stay mainly because most do not know what they want to grow into. Without a proper plan for your blog, it will eventually fizzle out and burn once you hit a wall.

It is important to know that success in blogging is not restricted to writing exceptional content and posting it on your blog. You need to know the purpose of your blog. One way to determine what you want for your blog is by checking for its benefits. Some bloggers find that they can earn from the endeavor and thus find their motivation. Whether it leads to direct earnings or promotes your actual business you have to find a purpose for your blog else it is like a pipe dream.

No One Survives On Bread Alone

It is in our nature as humans to crave diversity in taste and experiences. Once you restrict your tastes and experience, you find that life turns sour and bland. No one wants a bland life. This goes for blogging too. You need diversity in the type of content you put out.

If you choose to major on articles for your blog content, provide a video or image occasionally. Diversifying the type of content, you post to increase the range of appeal and engagement with your audience. Instead of only posting articles, you can choose to post a video about ‘dos and don’ts’, ‘ten benefits of…’ get cetera.

Another factor to consider is that visual content draws many people on the internet compared to written content. This way you are more likely to get a rise out of people by integrating images and videos in your content compared to when you post written articles only.

The Internet Is Fast-Paced And You Need To Conform!

The internet is always awash with new content every day from all niches imaginable. You cannot afford to be lazy in a fast-paced world or someone else will have your dinner. In short, you have to keep to your toes if you want to remain relevant on the internet.

To do this, you need to create new content often and provide follow up on old content. There are various ways to develop new content apart from creating entirely new content. One is refurbishing old content and two is creating follow-ups for your old content.

A cliffhanger is good but staying on the cliff for long starts to get boring fast. This should tell you that people want follow-ups on content they enjoyed in the past. It is something about reliving old experiences that get people excited. In addition, you can choose to create new content entirely.

The only point to note is the need to create relevant and viral-worthy content. Keep your content new and shiny and it does not matter whether its old content in new words, your audience will love it.

Establish Yourself As An Authority One way to become an authority in any given niche is to give out high-quality content consistently. The two words to underline form that statement is ‘high- quality content and consistency’. Informative and well-written content always leaves the online audience with a craving for more. Once you hook your audience, you will need to give them their fix or risk losing them.

Post content that gets the crowd riled, fascinated, thinking, or simply awed by your writing and you are sure to steadily increasing audience.

For those who fell off the blogging wagon and those who wish to start this is how you maintain your footing as a blogger. So you may ask is blogging on its slow way to the grave? No! All that is going to the grave is your blogging career is you do not know the tweaks that come with blogging.