How You Go About The Daunting Task Of Choosing A Domain Name

How You Go About The Daunting Task Of Choosing A Domain Name -
Have tried to start a business or launch a website for your business? If you answer is yes, then you may have an inkling why the title contains the word ‘daunting’. Among the many issues to tackle when creating a business or domain, cousin the right name may at times seem the most tedious and impossible task.

‘How is it hard to choose the right name’ you may then ask. The name of your business is the first front of marketing you ever get to use. The name should not only encapsulate your business product but also its intended image. While both business and domains may face the same problem of naming, domains creators face the problem albeit at a higher intensity.

There are various reasons why domain creators face a naming crisis but this article will outline only three of these reasons.

1. It Is Already Taken

Do not ever make the mistake of thinking that you can miraculously invent a name on the internet. The same goes for domain names. Once you get on the internet you will soon come to realize that your business name has at least one other similar business in the world.

The first marketing tool every business has access to is its name. It then follows that businesses tend to use their names when creating their domain URLs. Unified Resource Locators (URLs) are digital codes or addresses to with which an internet user can find your website.

When allocating URLs, the digital scape works on a first-come-first-serve policy. To top this, it is easier to register a domain than it is to register a business. This is why it is almost impossible to find a domain name for your website.

2. SEO Techniques Used When Creating Domain Names

When using your business name is not an option, the next step lies in using words in your domain name that have your business name in them. It was such a brilliant that many domain creators started using it. It worked well when creating domain names but this technique does not fully optimize search engines.

When looking for a particular domain the search engine user may key in a certain word that relates to the intended site and then choose from the results. If your domain does not utilize keywords that relate to your website niche it is easy to always appear at the bottom of the list of domains.

3. Penalties From the TRDs

So think of this, you have your keywords and you have your domain name is a go. Once you have your website set up, your rival websites in your niche beat you at rankings on the search engine ranking results.

If a website has authority on the internet they may penalize you for using a name that uses keywords that appear in their own names. It matters not whether they have low-quality content if they have a higher raking they can penalize the use of keywords that appear in their own domain names. This manipulation by Top Rankin Domains (TRDs) makes it hard to find suitable keywords for your domain name.

With all this in mind, it may seem almost impossible to create a domain name that is not out there. No, do not throw in your towel yet. All you need to do is create a domain name that is memorable, unique and most important markets the website and company.

Below are some pointers on how you can create a domain name without stepping on all the mines involved in the process.

a) Avoid The Use Of Keywords

The internet is chocking from the use of keywords. While using keywords may be a good technique when creating your domain name in order to increase your visibility, it is a tad overused. It is almost impossible to find keywords in any particular niche that are not in any domain names.

You can stick to creating catchy domain names that do not necessarily incorporate keywords. However, make them memorable in order to keep the visitor remembering long after they go offline.

b) Extensions That Depict Your Website

Alongside the race to get better domain names is the race to get domain name extensions. These initials come at the end of a website address after the full stop. It is long past the days when .com was the only contented domain extension as more extensions came into play.

Now you can choose a domain extension depending on your company and the niche of your website. Various extensions include .org, .NET, .info, and more. Using an extension that depicts the content of your website allows internet users the chance to specifically search for websites that have the extension. This way you become easier to find on the internet.

c) Be Location Specific When Creating Your Domain Name

Domain names and extensions are available for every site and section of the internet. All you need you to know is how to make your address as specific as possible when creating your domain name. One way to specify the domain name is it to create one that is location specific.

There is no need to create a .NET or .com extension if your website only deals with products locally. After getting a specific domain name, you can choose to add an extension that depicts the country or region. Some may choose to run with .us, .ke, get cetera. This allows you to specify your website address for your visitors.

Well, those factors make domain names hard to create and ways to get around them. The internet is a wonderful place when you know how to get around or at least know someone to help you beat the challenges that may arise. It should not be any different when creating your domain name.

Always remember that most internet users remember the names that pull their attention and not just the usefulness of the site. With this in mind, you can easily create a domain name that is both catchy and still conforms to the company or website image.