The Best Indian Restaurant In Boston, MA

The Best Indian Restaurant In Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media
Those who want to add spice to their life and eat chicken tikka and lamb, should always check out the best Indian restaurant in Boston MA. The people who belong to India, or have been eating Indian food all their life, might feel like they don’t have any choices when they move to Boston MA. However, the city has its own charm, and doesn’t disappoint people; Wikipedia.

India Quality Restaurant

The best Indian resaturant in Boston MA is located at 484 Commonwealth Ave, and it is a recommended spot by customers. Those who want to try out Indian food or those who miss Indian food, all will have a good time here. The restaurant offers beverage catering, vegan options, corporate catering, dinner catering, gluten free options, vegetarian options, and much more. See what the best vegan restaurant in Boston MA, – Go Here.

If someone comes here for lunch, then they will get to eat some really common appetizers that people eat in India. There are different kinds of pakoras or fritters, dahi papri (a sweetened yogurt sauce, which is garnished with cumin powder), and saag tikki (mashed potato patties, which are minced with spinach, onions and fresh ginger. Here is a list of colleges in Boston, MA, – Click Here.

Most of the dishes in this best Indian restaurant in Boston MA have names, which the locals won’t understand. However, the restaurant has prepared their menu in a way that, they have put up details of different dishes, which even the locals would find interesting. Like sushi the – Website.

Customer Reviews

Those who have visited this restaurant, agree that this is the best Indian restaurant in Boston MA. The customers loved the Chicken Korma dish, and found that the food quantity was quite sufficient. Those who moved from India to Boston, still found the taste to be very authentic. Such customers recommend that the diners should try out Chicken tikka masala and grilled chicken in tomato creamy sauce. Moreover, the saag paneer that customers order, is cooked in homemade cheese, and bed green fresh spinach; IndianQuality.

Many customers have shown satisfaction with the portion sizes, as well as the quality of the food served. The atmosphere of the restaurant is outstanding, and the staff makes some good recommendations as well.

Punjab Palace

This is one of the best Indian restaurant in Boston MA. This restaurant is located at 109 Brighton Ave; PunjabPalace. This place serves the fine North Indian cuisine, and has all the best Indian dishes. If someone wants to eat Chicken Tikka or a vegetarian platter, and dishes full of spices and garlic, then this is the best place to come.

The reason why Indian restaurants are so different, is because they use more spices, garlic and ginger in their food, as compared to other restaurants. They might even have some Chinese dishes, but these Chinese dishes are made to suit the style of the Indians living in Boston. It might not be too salty, and will definitely have a variety of spices in every dish. More importantly, this restaurant serves Biryani and Pullao, which are dishes that people from India like to eat the most.