Review BenQ W1070 Projector

Review BenQ W1070 Projector -

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The BenQ W1070 is a DLP based full HD 1080p projector; Projectorpoint. It offers decent picture quality, along with excellent color and brightness levels. Though it lacks many features which you will see in a modern or a high end projector but in terms of its overall picture quality it does fairly decent job when compared to its current price. The projector has some good 2D and 3D results which can make it a good choice for low budget users.

Due to its brightness level it can be used under some ambient lights but cannot withstand high ambient light setup. It is easy to carry around and can be used for multiple purposes. Cannot be said as the best choice but certainly can work well for many home entertainment setups, especially if you are looking for a full HD projector under reasonable price with decent overall picture quality. Also look at review on benq ht1085st projector – Click Here.

Review BenQ W1070 Projector -


• Projection system: DLP
• Native Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080)
• Brightness ANSI lumens: 2000
• Contrast Ratio: 10000:1
• Aspect Ratio: Native 16:9 (5 aspect ratio selectable)
• Zoom Ratio 1.3:1
• Lame mode: (Normal/Economic/SmartEco/LampSave/LumenCare) 3500/5000/6000/NA/NA hours (can vary on environmental conditions and usage) • Weight 2.75 kg
• Lens: F=2.59-2.87, f=16.88-21.88mm
For a complete list of specifications please visit; Benqdirect.


The projector looks quite attractive and cute. It only weighs 2.75 kg making it easy to carry around. The dimensions of the projector are (W x H x D mm) 312 x 104 x 244.

Review BenQ W1070 Projector -


The projector offers two HDMI ports, a 12 volt screen trigger and the component video input (these are three color coded RCA jacks). It offers a USB connector (type mini B) for service, a PC analog and a RS232 serial port. It also has a Din connector for S-video, a yellow RCA (composite video), RCA jacks (stereo audio), a second audio input (mini jack) and a stereo audio out. What are left are a power receptacle and a Kensington lock slot.

Visual Specs

BenQ W1070 Projector is a single chip DLP projector. Although it was launched many years back; it is still a decent projector and provides good picture quality along with some great features. It is a full HD 1080p projector, and the results are quiet decent in terms of its price. The overall picture quality is sharp and detailed. It has some great color and decent contrast. The brightness level at 2000 lumens is impressive; shadow details are good and maintained unless under very bright ambient light.

Taking a look at its 2D image quality you will find it very impressive. It has three 2D image modes which are all excellent and usable. You can use two locked ISF modes after calibration, and three user image modes for customization. A 3D mode is also available.

The projector also offers Brilliant Color. It comes from Texas Instruments, who are the makers of the DLP chips. It can add some more brightness to your pictures but can sometimes make your picture overdone and takes away the natural feeling away. So you can use it according to your tastes and requirements.

Even being a fairly old projector, the W1070 provides amazing results for 3D. The overall picture quality and brightness is decent. The projector offers nice color and overall 3D performance is amazing. The cross-talk is very limited.

The overall black level performance is good along with decent shadow details. But if you look at how old the projector is and the price of the projector, you will be really impressed with what this projector offers.

This projector offers great experience for gamers too, it is nvidia 3D TV play certified.

In some scenes you might find the picture to judder but as a whole it was decent. The projector lacks any smoothing options which can work pretty good for some content.

Review BenQ W1070 Projector -


As the projector is pretty old, so they are refurbished by the manufacturer. Although the refurbished projectors are also out of stock. The refurbished projectors are stated at a price of $209.99. You can search the projector in market or online for third party sellers.

Review BenQ W1070 Projector -


Let’s take a look at some of the positive features of the projector:
• Very decent picture quality and sharpness.
• Provides good brightness levels for 2D and 3D content.
• Can handle large screens for 2D content.
• The projector has some excellent overall color.
• Skin tones are very impressive.
• Good shadow details.
• Good for gaming purpose.
• Offers full CMS (color management system).
• Provides very good lamp life of 3500 hours/6000 hours, so maintenance is affordable.
• The built-in speakers are fairly good.
• Offers lens shift.
• Budget friendly.

Review BenQ W1070 Projector -


Some of the negative aspects of the projector are:
• As it is a DLP projector, rainbow artifacts can affect your viewing experience if you are sensitive to it; Hometheaterreview.
• The black level performance is okay, but no match to high end projectors.
• The lens shift is very limited.
• Provides no CFI (creative frame interpolation) which can be really good for sports related content; Projectorreviews.
• The projector is old and out of stock.

Review BenQ W1070 Projector -


If you look at the current market with all the high end 4k and full HD projectors with some great features for home entrainment, the BenQ W1070 can look very outdated. But that doesn’t necessarily means it is not good. It provides some great overall picture quality, detail and sharpness for both 2D and 3D content. You will certainly find the color performance to be near excellent. The brightness level and contrast is very decent too. Though as a fairly old and DLP based projector it have some limitations; it can work certainly well if you are looking for good picture quality in 1080p and are not sensitive to rainbow artifacts.

Review BenQ W1070 Projector -
As I have already mentioned the refurbished W1070 are out of stock, but they might be available at market through third party sellers. You can also look into some other low budget projectors in case you are unable to find W1070 in market; Thewirecutter.

Overall a great smallish projector and can be a good addition in your home theater setup, just make sure you go through the positives and the negatives of the projector, to see if it falls under your requirement and taste. - Check Prices Button Red