2020 Best 4K Projector Review

Sony VPL-VW365ES 4K Projector - BillLentis.com


Every year the sales of the projectors scale up owing to the fact that people are tending more and more towards this new technology. It is the source of entertainment for those who want to enjoy the holiday at home by having their own setup for watching their favorite movie or a popular show. What you need to know is the features of this new equipment which is going to make your fun-time more exciting. For buying a suitable one for you, you need to know all the specifications and operations in a detailed way.

In order to get the finest idea about the working of the projectors, you need to read this piece of writing till the end as we have brought this explanation for making it clear to you in every way. It is important as a state-of-the-art technology which goes through the continuous changes is not explicable when you purchase the product for the first time. We can help you out. Also look at best projector screen – Click Here.

Best 4K Projector

#1 – Sony VPL-VW365ES 4K Projector

Sony VPL-VW365ES 4K Projector - BillLentis.com
Specifications: Operating time of 6000 lamp life, resolution of 1080p with 4K upscaling

Pros: The engine that is used would make a fine resolution; new technology is used for the finest way of the resolution giving the best results

Cons: For a home theater projector the brightness is not that much up to the mark

More to Know: This projector has got good performance along with a reasonable price. This can assuredly be called as the top-rated projector as it has got the amazing combination of desirable features along with the reasonable price. It cannot be called as the best of the entire category yet it is fairly good to serve you the way you want by giving a high-definition. There can be a lot of others of the same type that can provide you with the features that make you hold no reservations.

If we talk about the engine quality, it is able to provide the best results making the resolution as the best of all. 1080p is a good resolution that can be so fascinating as to make it your first choice. The lumen rating is not that much up to the expectations. It is about the value of 1500 which is not utterly suitable for a room which is a bit brighter. It is good to be used at the time when there is darkness and in the daytime, it is unable to give the best outcome. The rest of the features are enough to put it among the first-rate 4K projectors – Read More.

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#2 – Sony VPL-VW350ES 4K Projector

Sony VPL-VW350ES 4K Projector - BillLentis.com
Specifications: The way of projection used is SXRD

Pros: Really reasonable cost to be bought by nearly every consumer, the dynamic range is high among those in the market having limited ranges, lumen rating is around 1500

Cons: The extent of blackness is not what is needed; brightness and darkness must be in a good ratio

More to Know: It is the most reasonable choice that is available at reasonable costs. The long list of the 4K projectors is difficult to search. In that long list, you can go for VPL-VW350ES projector as it can be the best in the average price range. The ratios of the brightness to darkness must be able to make both of the colors distinctly noticeable. It simply means that it should be noticeable in the way that it makes the viewer able to see the image on the screen clearly without the light disturbing the eyes. It has got the features with the price that is really suitable for the new buyer.

The afore-mentioned two types have the same lumen rating. This rating is not very suitable for the brighter room. The contrast ratio must be the way that makes the stronger image. This can be a drawback which not so much considerable. It is surely not important as the price of the 4k projector is just so affordable. There can be a lot of them available in the market but the value along with the features matter a lot – Read More.

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#3 – Sony VPL-VW665ES 4K Projector

Sony VPL-VW665ES 4K Projector - BillLentis.com
Specifications: Best contrast ratio, high lumen rating

Pros: amazing resolution along with the amazing balance of brightness

Cons: Affordability can be a concern for the consumers as the rate can be more than the previous ones which are very reasonable

More to Know: Price is the major concern for the buyers as they always look for the thing that is not at all a burden on the budget. This is the reason why it is not at all in the reach of the average consumer. Apart from it, the thing that matters more is the quality. The specifications of this 4k projector make the buyer want to buy it.

As for the features, they are the ones that are really noticeable in the projector. This 3D projector has got the amazing quality of the pictures. The amazing 1800 lumen rating allows it to give the amazing display. The contrast ratio is high which is a feature providing with the good and sharp balance of colors making the picture quality and the colors appealing and pleasant to look. Due to these features, the high price is forgotten while buying this 3D projector. The high dynamic range makes the luminosity up perfect. This creates a good visual impact.

The feature that bothers is the high price that can become an obstacle in the way of buying this all-rounder unit. In a list of the 4k projector, this one comes with all the best features. When one has to pay out of pocket, the most important thing is the price for sure but what if a product has got what others do not? This simply forces you to buy it. Sony VPL-VW665ES has got the quality that can make the consumer look through the high price of this unit. The quality is the reason for rendering it to make a place in the top 4k projectors – Read More.

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What Makes A 4k Projector The Best?

The list of projectors that we have provided has got the 4k projectors with the amazing and compelling features. They are enough to tell you that what you should notice while you are buying one for you. Apart from them, there are some other factors that you must consider while buying a 4k projector.

Frequency Rate

A resolution of 4k makes the display very clear and sharp that is almost 4,000 pixels. These projectors make the images sharp and give the best picture quality. This cannot be obtained fully in the case of the resolution of 1080p. This is the feature of the 4k projector which have got a suitable frequency of the images that are shown on the screen and is measured in frames per second ‘fps’. This frequency is different in different categories of the projectors. The most desirable for the consumer is the maximum speed of the 60 frames per second to get the best display. The higher frequency rate is always thought to be good for an epic display.

Lumen Rating

Lumen is measured in lumens which tell about the brightness of the projector. 4k projectors are evolving in the lumen rating and have reached up to the value of 1800. Brightness can be higher or lower depending on the type of the projector used. If the lumen rating is high it can be too much for the eyes and may not seem comfortable but 1800 is just ok and amazing. It also depends on the way you are going to use it. The time of the day matters as if you use it in the middle of the day when the room gets enough light, you will not find it that much suitable. It can become too much to look good. At the time when there is not enough light in the room, it can work really well and exactly the way you want.


Company matters a lot when it comes to the quality of the projectors. As we are discussing 4k projectors here, we would definitely talk about the company that makes the real 4k projectors. ‘Real 4k projectors’ may sound an absurd term but it is true that the quality of the4k projectors differs with the type of brand. There are certain brands which make the range of 4k projectors but the smooth operation and the quality of unit tell about the originality of the company. Up till now, ‘Sony’ is the name of the reliable brand which is making ‘original’ 4k projectors. In a market full of rivals, you may find a lot of brands exhibiting their 4k projectors and the amount of such brands is scaling up constantly but the authentic and reliable name is ‘Sony’. It is because of the fact that the performance of the product speaks of the brand it belongs to.

What You Shouldn’t Do

No Thorough Checking

Every consumer wants to make the buying procedure handy and done in the easiest way as to do the little effort. A thorough evaluation is important for the best performance of the product. Without a careful and thoughtful assessment, the purchase of the 4k projector is just like throwing your money out. 4k systems are built to produce the amazing resolution and the best display to make the picture seem fascinating to the eyes. The 4,000 pixels give the best quality if they are really the feature of the product and not just a claim. The capability of the unit must be checked thoroughly. The fine quality of the display is possible only when the quantity of pixels is higher. Processing or manipulating the data requires something more. For this, some device is needed to provide the assistance in order to transmit anything into it.

Thinking Of Only A Couple Of Ways Of Enjoying The 4k Resolution

You must not rely on a few of the ways and thereby missing the opportunity of watching a content of high resolution. In addition to it, if you not utterly that you can the devices to watch your favorite content with the best quality and in a fine way. You should go for any of the devices that you can use to watch the content. In this way, the 4k content is going to be played efficiently and in the proper way.

Insufficient Projection Distance

Projection distance must be enough to run the image properly and clearly. It has to do with the size of the image as well. There are both short throw and long throw lenses available from which 4k projectors have come with the regular or long throw lens. The projection distance is also told by the company that is proper and suitable in a certain situation, or more precisely, depending on the features of the projector. This direction from the manufacturer’s side should be considered. You need to know about the distance that must be provided between the lens and the screen of the 4k projector for having the best quality of the picture. You need to avoid going against what the manufacturer recommends.

The Appropriate Specifications

Screen Size

Screen size is something that really matters. As for the television, where the 4,000 pixels has no worth when the size of the screen is smaller, it cannot give the display of your choice. This may not be that much enjoyable and good as the display of a 4k projector is. Along with the high dynamic resolution, the display sizes in 4k projectors complement the quality of the picture hereby making your favorite content more enjoyable. These projectors may provide with the size of 90″ till the maximum size of 140″. The minimum can be 80″ as well. This gives good quality resolution with a great visual impact. Projection distance must also be checked carefully before you make a final decision of buying it.


One thing is for sure that the 4k projectors are very expensive. It is owing to the fact that they have got all the amazing features that a home theatre needs to have. The people who are avidly fond of such type of entertainment can buy such an expensive product. It does not mean all of them can afford it, n fact, it means they can understand the worth of their investment and would not repent for spending a lot of money, so to speak. Prices of the different units can vary slightly but the fact of being expensive remains there and it is all because of the high quality and the use of the latest technology.

The average price range can be above 5,000 dollars. You cannot find the best quality 4k projector at a lower price than that. An epic resolution of about 4,000 must have a price higher than the 1080p of the same category of this unit.

Projection Distance

When you want perfection in features as you are spending a lot on buying the 4k projector, you would definitely look for the suitable projection distance. The distance between the lens of the projector and the screen of the projector must be measured and thoroughly checked as it also depends on the size of the room. In addition to it, the most important part is to carefully check the type of lens as a result of which you are recommended a specific throw distance. Measuring it and setting it properly is the first thing that should be considered.

As we have mentioned before that the short throw lens is not used in the 4k projectors manufactured so far, they have the regular lens. This can give an idea about the throw distance which should be considered important. It is important for the reason that the quality and size can be affected by it. This is the reason why you can only buy the ones having the other lenses. Throw distance should be recommended to you and you mustn’t overlook it.


As for mounting 4k projectors, one thing must be kept in mind that they are not at all easy to be placed because they are heavy. It can be a bit difficult to mount them. As compared to the 1080p projectors, they are really heavy and the consumer must consider this as the mounting can cause a bit of trouble. The adjustment of these units must not be done only by installing or mounting then anywhere instead they can be put somewhere where you find it suitable to be used. It is usually fixed on a higher position but be careful of the heavyweight.

The consumers who are crazy about the home theatre usually have a sane sense of preplanning as they make the structures stronger during construction. The bad news is that there are some 4k projectors that are extremely heavy and your ceiling may not be able such a heavy load. In order to avoid any trouble from getting into your way, you need to know about the poundage of the 4k projector. In these cases, it is also a sane idea to place the projector rather than hanging it. This issue is not encountered in the case of 1080p of the same category.


You also need to beware of the fact that the loudness that the 4k projector has got can match no any other type of the projector. Those who have been using 1080p projectors so far may have a misconception about the noise that is produced by the 4k projectors. They make ore sound than them. It can be disturbing but you are likely to get habituated to it soon.

As 4k projectors have a great power of resolution with the best picture quality, the system that is running the whole of the procedure of providing these results needs a good maintenance. The internal system and the light sources need to be cooled off constantly by the fans. This maintenance needs the type of fans that make a loud noise. This imparts the loud and a bit irritating sound quality to the 4k projectors.

Type Of Screen

Screen ensures the quality of the picture and the whole display. For the best image projection, the screen should have the best quality. 4k projectors may have the different quality of the screens that are used. At times, a certain type of screen would never make you have a quality appearance of the images just for being not so fine and smooth. This can be a waste of money. You need to choose the screen that is good for the whole setup of your entertainment. A thorough process of evaluation is a must for that.

You will have to buy a bit more to get the best quality screen. There are certain types of screens that are available in the market at high prices. They have the sturdiness and also the quality of the picture is appreciable. They are built in a specific way which makes them flat and there can be no wavy surface as to make the quality worse. The smooth and stretched quality enables it to display the content in an appropriate way. This way you feel no hindrance in the way you want to enjoy your favorite stuff.

What Do You Need to Choose?

There are a lot of brands in the market and we want them to be. The focus of attention of a consumer is always the type of product that has got the desirable features with the expected outcome of the claimed quality. Sony is the best in this way as 4k projectors offered by it are all amazing regarding features and quality.

There are some models that we have put in the list of this year. The price varies according to the type of model. You can buy the one with the highest quality by paying a lot of prices that are in the limit of your affordability. The 4k projectors are the center of attention because of being amazing in the quality and having new technology. Home theatre lovers may not bother about the price anyway.