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How To Microwave Egg Whites

It is not really easy for anyone to get up in the morning and make a good breakfast. In all this craziness, if someone...

How To Microwave Cookie Dough

It is not necessary that everyone has an oven, where they can bake cookies. Some people would just want one cookie, and not a...

How To Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a delicious dessert, which people usually make during the holidays. They are everyone’s favorite, because of the chocolate and butter...

How To Microwave Chicken Breast

Reheating something in the microwave, and cooking a proper food is two different things. Most people think that they can’t microwave chicken breast, whether...

How To Microwave Cauliflower

Everyone can make cauliflower in the microwave, and the result would be the same as if it has been cooked on the flame. There...

How To Microwave A Cake Recipe

Many people won’t believe the fact that, cake recipe can be tried in the microwave. This is because, cake recipes often include eggs, and...

How To Microwave An Apple

There are so many microwave apple recipes, which people can cook within minutes. The best part of apples is that, it can be used...

How To Microwave Brussels Sprouts

Some people don’t like Brussels sprouts, especially children. However, this vegetable should be part of everyday dinner, because of its countless benefits. Brussels sprouts...

How To Microwave Brown Rice

When people cook brown rice on the stove, then the cooking time is fifty minutes. However, when they cook brown rice in the microwave,...

How To Microwave Apple Crisp

For those who don’t know, apple crisp is a dessert, which has a topping of oats and brown sugar. When apples are on sale,...
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