How To Microwave Cookie Dough

How To Microwave Cookie Dough -
It is not necessary that everyone has an oven, where they can bake cookies. Some people would just want one cookie, and not a whole bunch of them, because they are weight conscious. In such a case, people need a solution that saves them time, and gives them a scrumptious cookie.

The reason why chefs don’t cook the cookie dough in the microwave, is because it doesn’t do justice to the butter in the recipe. However, they can very easily cook a cookie in the microwave; PrettyPrudent.

How Long Should You Microwave Cookie Dough?

As people can’t microwave cookie dough, until and unless it is already made, they can easily microwave the dough to make a cookie. The cooking time for cookie dough depends on the power of the microwave. Firstly, the baker needs to take on tbsp of butter, soften it in the microwave for about six to eight seconds, and then add one tsp of sugar. Then, the baker has to stir the mixture using a fork, until it is fluffy, after which he needs to add a drop of vanilla in it and mix it again. After that, add two taps of egg, 2 tbsp of all purpose flour, a pinch of baking powder and salt and then stir the mixture again. Check out best microwave and can you microwave hot dogs.

As the chef is making cookie dough, it is only reasonable to add chocolate chips in the mixture, and then stir again. Put the cookie dough on the plate, right in the center; CanYouMicrowave. The cookie dough should be microwaved for about forty seconds, and if it doesn’t look right, then a chef can add more seconds to it.

Can You Microwave Cookie Dough To Cook It?

If the cookie dough is for a whole batch, and not just for one cookie, then it can’t be microwaved. This is because, cookie dough is rich in butter content, and needs to rise. If a person puts the dough in the microwave, then it is more likely to melt all over the place; GlueandGlitter.

Can You Microwave Cookie Dough In A Mug?

You can’t cook cookie dough in a mug, but if you have cookie dough already, then you can cook a cookie in the mug. There is a perfect recipe using which, people can make a cookie in a mug. First, they need to mix brown sugar and unsalted butter together; make sure that the butter is melted. Then, add a little milk and vanilla essence, and mix it with flour. After that, add chocolate chips to the batter, and then put it in a mug. If the power of the microwave is 700W, then the dough and cookie will be ready in 1 minute.

Cooking cookie dough requires proper baking. However, there are many cookie recipes, which include the use of microwaves. Microwaves can help in the baking process, but they can’t substitute what an oven does. This is because, there are some string ingredients that can’t be cooked in a microwave.