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Best Summer Garden Vegetables To Grow

When gardeners start their gardening journey, they often make mistakes, like growing vegetables in the wrong season. For example, those who love broccoli would know that, they have to wait until early fall to grow it. There are many vegetables that gardeners can grow during the summer, but they have to plan properly for it; Guoanin.

Bush Beans

New gardeners would find it very easy to grow beans from seed. Just directly sow them in the soil, when the temperature reaches 60 degree Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the soil is warm. The gardener should sow seeds every 3 weeks, if he wants the beans to grow on a continuous basis. 8 weeks before the frost date, i.e. fall, the gardener should stop sowing. He doesn’t have to stake the beans; they are shallow rooted and must be handled with care when they are other plants.


If the gardener has a lot of space, then he can grow corn. The main thing to consider here is the pollination, which should be just right. Corn is dependent on the wind, which carries pollen from tassels to the silk. The best way to increase pollination is by planting corn in squares of short rows. The squares should be 1 foot apart, and the plants should be fed organic fertilizer. As the weather is dry during summer, corn needs constant watering; this is also because it is shallow rooted. Also go and check out the starting a vegetable garden – Click Here.


Eggplant is an ideal summer vegetable, because it requires a lot of sunshine to grow. The plant should be planted 3 weeks after the spring frost. If the garden is already warm, then the gardener can sow the seed directly in the garden soil. Even if they love warm weather, when they are in the garden, they like their roots to be moist and cool. For this, the gardener can mulch the plant with straw, so that it stays moist but doesn’t become soggy.


Okra loves the hot summer weather, rich soil and full exposure to the sun. When the spring frost ends, wait for some weeks and then directly sow them in the ground. It can be grown in a cooler climate, but summer is ideal for okras. The roots of okra are very delicate, which is why they should be handled with care. When the pods of the okra become 3 to 4 inches long, only then the gardener should pick them. If the plants become too mature, then they won’t produce anymore.

Bell Peppers

Whether it is bell peppers or chilies, both vegetables love the summer heat. Even if they are exposed to direct sunlight all day, they won’t be damaged. However, keeping them in a shade during the afternoon would help them thrive and grow better; Gourmet Rainbow.

Zucchini, gourds, melons, cucumbers, and tomatoes can be grown in a summer vegetable garden as well. If the gardener doesn’t have much space in or outside his home, then plants can be grown in containers as well.