Best Beaches In Boston, MA

Best Beaches In Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media
Who doesn’t like to go to beach, when they are on a vacation? A beach is a really peaceful place, where people can have a picnic, surf, swim, or just lay down with their favorite book and tan. It is a cheap option for spending quality time with friends and family, and where people don’t have to worry about their budget. People will find the best beaches in Boston MA, where they can go and spend a memorable day with others. See the best bars in Boston, MA – Click Here.

Carson Beach

This beach is located at Babe Ruth Rd & William J Day Blvd, Downtown. This beach is good for walking, because it is a whole stretch and even borders Forth Independence Park. Visitors can even walk to Castle Island, if they walk on this beach, and this could be during the day time especially. This is one of the best beaches in Boston MA, because the view looks spectacular during day time, and it is a very clean beach as well. If someone is looking for a peaceful place to go, then this is where they should spend their weekend morning, relaxing; Carson Beach. Look at why move to Boston, MA – Website.

Boston Harbor Islands

This beach is located at 191W Atlantic Ave National Park Service, Waterfront. This is one of the best beaches in Boston MA, along with being a historical landmark as well. The best part is that, people can get a chartered cruise from here, visit George’s Island, and have a great adventure there. George’s Island is a beautiful place, and to know more about its history, it is best if the visitors hire a tour guide. There is a little playground for children and even play a movie about the history of the island. If someone wants to have a picnic on Boston Harbor Island, then they will find good eating places nearby; Boston Harbor Islands.


This is not exactly a beach, but the residents of Boston consider it one of the best beaches in Boston MA. This is mainly because, the waterfront property surrounds Boston, and the place is really beautiful. It is a summer home for Boston Pops, and is always busy with runners, jogging around. To pass time here, the visitors do kayaking, sialing and even stand up paddleboards. These activities are particularly for those, who love adventures, want to get in the water and try something new. Go and see the best steakhouses in Boston, MA – Go Here.

There might not be many beaches in Boston MA, but if someone wants to get out of the city for a while, and go somewhere else, then there are beaches close by. Visitors can g to Nantasket beach, which is located in Hull. This place is perfect for kids, as they can spend a lot of time here and look for sea creatures; Esplanade. There is even a volleyball court and a playground here; in fact, people even have public dance lessons and summer concerts on this beach.

The best beaches in Boston MA are discussed in this list, and it is up to the people to decide where they want to spend time.