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Standing is considered much healthier when compared to sitting for prolong periods. Studies suggest that standing can help in reducing various health risks. Usually we talk about the office environment where many people have to sit for hours, but sitting at home or any other place for prolong period is equally harmful and a health risk.

In this article we will discuss some good standing desk options for laptops; Click Here. People usually buy laptop for the ease of portability and when buying a standing desk for laptops, you would want it to be portable too. All you require is an easily portable conversion for stand desk. You can either DIY or find many good vendors offering conversion for stand desk. Let’s take a look at some of the conversion options which would be good for laptops:


Standstand is a great portable conversion for stand desk, which offers a lot in terms of its price. It can easily be assembled and disassembled within few seconds and is very light weighted, making it great for portability. It will easily fit in your backpack without much of an effort. It is also strong and looks attractive, so you can carry it around your home or your workplace.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of StandStand converters:


• It is one of the most affordable converters available.
• The StandStand converters are strongly and solidly built, and can easily sustain heavy weights.
• It is light weighted and can easily be assembled and disassembled, making it great for portability.


• StandStand only provides one surface to work on. It provides enough space for the laptops and that will be it. Because of only one working surface, it is not suitable for desktop computers. Also go look at standing desk vs treadmill desk – Website.

WorkEZ Standing Desk

WorkEZ standing desk are another good option for laptops and desktop computers; Lorell. It can easily be installed or removed, and is also light weighted. It also provides a lot of adjustability, and has three different features or working platforms. This is usually for monitor, keyboard and a detachable mouse pad. The best thing about WorkEZ is that you can adjust all three features independently, and the surface for laptop or monitor can be adjusted to almost any angle. It is one of the best options in terms of customization. Go see a DIY standing desk – More Info.

Some of the pros and cons of WorkEZ standing desk are as follows:


• Offers great customization for all three surfaces. You can also independently customize each surface according to your need.
• Easily removable, good for people who would want to sit and stand while doing their work.


• The monitor surface only allows space for one monitor or laptop, and can’t sustain heavy monitors. Maximum load it can sustain is around 5.9 kg only.
• Apart from the three surfaces which are typically for a monitor/laptop, keyboard and mouse, there is no additional workspace.
• It is not the very best option in terms of stability.

Final Thoughts

As many people are now realizing the importance and health benefits of standing, many vendors are trying to capture the market, by introducing affordable and high quality standing desk for laptops and computers. If you are not satisfied with the above mentioned products, you might find many more vendors online. Can a standing desk cause back pain – See Here.