Things To Do In Bay Village, Boston, MA

Things To Do In Bay Village, Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media


Bay Village is a residential neighborhood, which is between South End, Back Bay and the Theatre District. There are not many things to do in Bay Village, Boston MA, because the size of the place is small. However, the residents and the tourists will definitely find things they can enjoy.

The Saunders Castle

Visitors and tourists will find this place at Park Plaza. This is a very special place for meeting, conferences, and is one of the things to do in Bay Village, Boston MA. The reason why this should be on the list is because it used to be a venue for a private military organization, which was founded in 1741. This is also the only neighborhood in Boston, which have its own castle. When the corps became a part of the National Guard Unit, then they stopped using the building; Boston Discovery Guide. This is one of the most unusual buildings in Boston, as it was built from granite blocks, and resembles a late Victorian building. – Website.

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is a famous American writer, who was born at the edge of this place. Allan Poe’s parents were actors at the Theatre District. A commemorative plaque for Poe’s birth can be found at the Boylston Street. If there are people who love the writer, and have read his short stories, they should add this place in their list of things to do in Bay Village, Boston MA. – Go Here.

Even though the house of Poe’s birth doesn’t exist anymore, it is still a memorable place for people to visit. The intersection of Charles Street South and Boylston Street has been designated as the Edgar Allan Poe Square. There is also a life size bronze sculpture of the writer, created by Stefanie Rocknak, installed at this place. The visitors will find the sculpture fascinating, as it is accompanied by a raven, and a suitcase. Check out the best pizza restaurant in Boston, MA, – Click Here.

Cocoanut Grove Fire

Bay Village is a historical place in the history of the USA; Wikipedia. There was a fire on November 1942 at a nightclub, where 492 people lost their lives. Bay Village became a place, from where enforcement stringent fire code implementation began, and spread to the USA. The Bay Village Neighborhood Association has placed a memorial plaque on the brick sidewalk, near the club’s former site. Even though the club is now replaced by a Revere Hotel, this is one of the things to do in Bay Village, Boston MA. It will give visitors and local an insight into the history of fire incidents.

Restaurants In Bay Village

Without the presence of restaurants in things to do in Bay Village, Boston MA, an article would be incomplete. If the locals want to eat Spanish food, then they can go to Nahita Cocktails & Cuisine. If they want to go to a very stylish pub, the Rebel’s Guild is just the place for them. They will be fascinated with the interior of the place, which has a very modern and chic look to it; Culture Trip.