Social Media Needs Decorum

Social Media Needs Decorum -



You are certainly the extent to which you love logging in to Twitter, Facebook or even the newly launched Google + so as to update your social media status or share information. Regardless of how you prefer using the social media platforms, learning about social graces on social media is very important due to the fact that they have developed into integral parts in our lives. Most people think that have the freedom of doing whatever they want with their accounts of social media. It’s not unusual to come across someone claiming that it is their account and they can utilize it how they see fit. Although this might be very true to a certain extent, it is very crucial to bear in mind that this is a platform of social networking meaning that there are other people who are using it, not you alone. You must be considerate about the other people, especially due to the fact that online communication tends to lack body language and tone, which would under normal circumstances help to regulate direct interaction (face- face communication). The guidelines of social media aren’t engraved on a stone although they are generally agreed so as to enhance a better interaction in the various platforms of social media. Additionally, there are many social media platforms which use these guidelines differently and they can’t therefore be exhausted in this article. However, we have highlighted some of the common guidelines that are commonly applied and used on social media platforms.

Think Before Posting

When you doubt whether you should or shouldn’t share any content online, it’s probably better that you don’t share it. Internet certainly doesn’t have a delete button. As a matter of fact, general thumb rule state that; if you wouldn’t say it when engaging normal conversation, don’t post it on the social media platforms. Seriously, be very cautious about the things you post or the content you share on social media. You are not aware who sees that content or even how it can affect them. It is also worth noting that, if you’re responding or commenting about the content that someone else has posted, make sure that your responses and comments are respectful and meaningful, there isn’t spam (inappropriate or irrelevant messages sent through internet to many recipients) or any offensive remarks or off the topic. Additionally, avoid initiating or responding to the inflammatory messages. However, if you immensely feel that you must reply to any of these messages, don’t engage instantly. Give yourself some time to deeply think so as to develop an objective and appropriate response. As a matter of fact, you would rather send the message privately, particularly if you are certain it is a negative response.

Avoid Providing Excessive Information

A certain person once lightly claimed that there existed a very thin line/limitation between ‘I shall tell that to my personal therapist’ and ‘I shall tweet that’. You may wonder the times someone familiar or even you have posted or shared information that can be regarded as too personal either on Twitter or Facebook. Restrain yourself from sharing or posting such content on the social media platforms. It is also very important to keep out all your private conversations from social media, that’s why they are ‘private’, right? Instead, utilize private inboxes, chat or email if you necessarily need to share that information that isn’t intended for the public. Additionally, ensure that you maintain any emitting frustrations to the minimum as nobody likes complainers. At the same time, ensure that you don’t put excessive information on the profiles of your various social media accounts be it Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. Avoid providing certain personal details such as where you reside or your children and their specific personal information, such information is really unnecessarily especially if you are concerned about personal safety. It is also worth noting that internet is public.


You must seriously be cautious about the pictures that you post or share on the platforms of social media. Nobody is interested of observing a picture of you passed out or totally drunk in a party. Some of these photos can really have some serious repercussions that one may end up regretting later. Therefore, avoid posting or sharing photos that have captured you in any compromising positions or even suggestive photos that other people may consider to be offensive as this may negatively affect you in one way or the other. Additionally, avoid posting or tagging people in various photos without having their permissions, particularly those people you don’t have a close relationship with. It is also important that you post a decent photo that clearly capture you on the profiles of your social media platforms so that other people can clearly see the person they are conversing or interacting with when they are online. This is due to the fact that people on social media platforms don’t like interacting with company logos or cartoons.

Avoid Use Of Text Speak

Most people get frustrated when someone shares or posts on social media using text speak such as ‘c u l8r’. The space limitations on these platforms of social media are not popular enough to allow someone to write in this manner. You should therefore ensure that you communicate clearly in a manner that your content will be understood.

Everything Is Not About You On Social Media

People on social media platforms are exhausted of getting posts or comments who are constantly talking about themselves. Keep in mind the fact that the social media platforms are specifically channels of social networking. You should therefore utilize them to interact with other people not sharing your personal information. Begin conversations with other people, share useful information plus comment or respond to information that other people share. On social media, people are prepared to engage and listen to people who are ready and willing to do similar things in return. Other people are also on social media so that they can at least acquire some knowledge on various fields.