4 Top Email Marketing Services For Entrepreneurs

4 Top Email Marketing Services for Entrepreneurs - BillLentis.com


Writing your newsletters should be an easy task. But in reality, it usually isn’t so. Most times, after spending hours to come up with good content, it is difficult to get the content out to the target audience. This can be frustrating. You need a strategy to reach your audience. Thankfully, there are companies out there that you can use to create good looking email newsletters and then send to your audience or followers. Using the services of these companies will ensure that your email reaches your followers without being tagged as spam.

Let’s take a look at the popular email marketing service providers.

1. MailChimp

Many agencies and companies use this service. It has been around for some years and the user interface has evolved over the years based on feedback from users. It has a thorough reporting feature that includes geo-tracking and Google Analytics integration. There are hundreds of integrations for both popular and niche applications.

When you upload your email contact list, as a CSV or Excel file, it automatically checks to determine which columns contain the user’s name, email and other details.

There is a large variety of templates to choose from and you can customize them. You can review the open rate easily and your followers unsubscribe without stress. This information makes it easy for you to revise your next email newsletter based on the metrics you see in your account.It has a split testing feature that allows you to try out different versions of your newsletter to determine which is best for your followers.

There are different packages depending on how many users you want to send your newsletter to. If you have less than 2,000 subscribers, the forever free plan is sufficient for you. But if you have over 2,000 subscribers, it is best to get a paid plan. There is the option to pay as you go or to pay monthly.

2. GetResponse

This service is good for users who want a landing page along with their newsletter. It is also ideal for businesses that host webinars. You can manage your newsletters and webinars with this service. It has a strong third-party integration. It has Auto-responders and email reminders for that make it easy to use.

If your company does monthly offerings and you need a captivating page of content to send to your subscribers, their landing page templates are ideal for you. It has WordPress integration that helps you build webinar and promotion pages for your site. As earlier mentioned, the unique selling point of this service is the webinar tools.

There is a 30-day trial that allows you to incorporate 1,000 contacts. You do not need to submit your credit card details before using the trial service.

Apart from the trial plan, there are also a variety of paid plans. The plans are charged on a month-to-month basis starting from $15 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers. You get some percentage discounts for signing up for longer periods. For instance, you can get up to 30% discount for signing up for 2 years. The Pro plan is billed at $49 for 5,000 subscribers and it gives you unlimited webinar features and landing pages.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a popular name in email marketing. It has been around since 1995. They have evolved over the years and today they have hundreds of apps and integration that cater to the needs of different niches of products. The service has a high deliverability rate compared to others. An interesting feature of this service is the unique event management feature. It is ideal if you run events and need to manage invitations, registrations and tickets. The landing page editor is available via the event management tool.

There is an email option that allows users to share your newsletter easily on Facebook. Constant contact has devoted a lot to make this feature work, unlike some other providers.

The company’s support is top notch. If you encounter any challenges, you can easily get help, and there are lots of resources available to help you if you have trouble understanding the interface.

The pricing depends on your needs and the number of subscribers you have. The basic plan is priced at $20 per month for 500 subscribers.

4. AWeber

AWeber is a very popular service used by many professional marketing companies. There are five plans to choose from with many features such as unlimited emails, follow-ups, lists and Auto-responders. It has up to 700 templates available. This is one of the highest among email marketing service providers.

You can import and host an email database and integration with third-party apps is easy. It has blog-to-email functionality. This feature is useful for bloggers who want their blog subscribers to automatically receive email newsletters containing latest posts on the blog. This can save time as the blogger will not need to create the email newsletter manually.

Their Auto-responder platform is so good that many users prefer it to other companies. It allows businesses to deliver emails automatically to customers on a regular schedule. AWeber is not so different from GetResponse in terms of core features.

The pricing for AWeber starts at $19 per month depending on your list size. You can get up to 14.9% discount if you subscribe for the annual plan.

Besides these four services discussed here, there are many more email marketing services out there to choose from. We have tried to highlight the key features of the popular ones most marketing companies use. Most of them have similar features and each has its own pros and cons so it is difficult to say which is best. But the bottom line is to determine what you need and choose the one that meets your need. One thing that is certain is you cannot do without using these service providers if you want to run an effective email campaign.