5 Best Applications For Marketing In Social Media

5 Best Applications For Marketing In Social Media - BillLentis.com



Every person who markets their products or services online acknowledges the power existing in the social forums. This power can either break or make a business. However with extremely many channels of social media, how can you leverage in these social platforms?

Whether your preferred operating system in your device is Android, Windows or Apple, there are numerous applications that have different features so as to assist you in organizing many social media accounts. Additionally, these applications are very smart to the extent that they can show you certain information such as latest practices, activities that are trending and how various individuals are responding to all your messages. In order to assist you in optimizing your marketing strategies on social media, we have outlined five applications that are the best for aggregation in social media.

1. HootSuite

Hotsuite is a platform for management of social media forums that is currently serving more than fifteen million users globally. HotSuite can be considered as the most popular application for management of social media accounts that is currently available. It has many features and is well known for supporting different platforms. This platform is currently available in 5 versions namely; Pro, Business, Team, Enterprise and Free. It is completely compatible with most of the social networks thus enabling you to successively manage all your social media activities on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedln or Instagram account on its simple dashboard. This application has a very simple and intuitive dashboard that has excellent workplace filters. Additionally, the Hootsuite app has other features that include:

• Free trial for a period of 30 days for installation of the Hootsuite Pro version.
• Courses on social media where users can effectively learn all the basics about marketing on social media platforms.
• The forums of Hootsuite enable you to connect either your Twiter or Facebook page account with this forum.
• Hootsuite has a helpdesk where users can make any inqueries.
• Hootsuite also provides support for the wordpree blog.
• The wise guide that will show you various ways of adding social network, scheduling a post, checking mentions/keywords, sharing content with Hootlet and various social media networks.

2. Sprout Special

The Sprout Social application is a Software as a service (Saas) that has 3 main functionalities; publishing, analytics and engagement. As an aggregator tool in social media, it focuses on promoting communication between a business and the people. It monitors social conversation, allows you to perform various operations and manages the portfolio from one platform. This application has various features like:

• Collaboration
• Smart Inbox
• Discovery
• Reports
• Account structure
• Social CRM
• Publishing
• Analytics
• Mobile
• Monitoring

All these features of Sprout special app are located in the dashboard where there are categorized into 6 sections namely; Messaging, Discovery, Integrations, Publishing & Scheduling, Task and Feeds Dashboard. These areas of subjects allows you to be aware of where you rest with your customers and prospects apart from enabling you promote your presence in the various platforms of social media.

3. Buffer

This is a software for integration on social media that is used for certain operations such as scheduling images, photos and posts to your Twitter, Facebook accounts or any other social medial network. This application exists under 4 different plans which are; the free of charge individual plan, Large, Small and Medium plans. This application is based on the internet and enables you to schedule post, create an account and update your accounts with one click. This application has a browser extension that is compatible with RSS, WordPress and Chrome.

Additionally, the Buffer application has other extra features that include:

• Connectivity Functions
• Stats Comparison
• Sharing Of Social Media Profile
• Android And IOS Support
• Insights And Analytics
• Support Of RSS Feeds
• Team Collaboration
• Standard Buffering
• Customized Scheduling
• Profile Management
• Multiple Tweets And Posts
• Informative Social Media Analytics
• Every Plan Has A Fourteen Day Trial
• Business/ Agency Planning
• Account Login Using Two Steps
• Ability To Share In Multimedia Format.

4. Social Oomph

The Social Oomph app which is an aggregator on social media enables you to efficiently manage all of your social media accounts on a single platform. This application has both the paid and the free version. Its free version allows you to manage a maximum of 5 profiles on Twitter while its Paid version allows you to unlock other social media platforms such as Linkedln, Tumblr, Pinterest and FB. The Social Oomph has various benefits such as extremely convenient to handle, has a keyword research feature, enables you to shorten the URL and tracks all the clicks that you obtain from each URL. Additionally, this application’s paid version allows you to link multiple Twitter accounts, RSS feeds, manage blogs, provides contact suggestions, perform social media updates via mail and also has filters that will help in weeding out all the unnecessary messages.

5. Brand Watch

Unlike other tools of social media engagement that is mostly used for managing and sharing content, Brand watch is an analytic tool. This application listens, monitors then collects information from social media platforms, the internet, blogs, product reviews, news concerning what people are saying product or service thus delivering large amounts of data that can be used for sentimental and analytics analysis. The Brand watch application analyzes sentiment and weeds out unnecessary messages and spasm. Additionally, this application is compatible with Spreadfast and HootSuite which will allow you to utilize the data on that is in those apps.


Ensuring that the content you post on social media appears where you want it to and at the appropriate time can turn out to be a very tiresome process. The applications that we have included in this article are some of the best that are currently available in the market and will efficiently simplify a part of your task especially when it comes to marketing in social media.