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Guide To Vegetables That Need Shade

There are vegetables that can grow without any shade, while others require full or partial shade. This is because, if these vegetables get more exposure from the sun than needed, then they will become damaged.

Types Of Shades In A Vegetable Garden

There are three types of shades in a vegetable garden: Deeply shaded-this is when plants are fully shaded, and they don’t get any direct sunlight. The sunlight they get is very little, and that too, because of reflection. However, if the garden is deeply shaded, then it is not a good place for growing vegetables; Eshare.

Lightly Shaded-A garden that receives sunlight for one or two hours every day, is a lightly shaded garden. For example, in the balconies, the plants are exposed partially to sunlight and that too, for some hours in the day. There are canopy trees in gardens, and the light shade might be a result of them. For lightly shaded gardens, it is best to grow leafy crops and root crops; EFFT Life.

Partially shaded- this type of garden receives direct sunlight for 2-6 hour. As for the remainder of the day, it received dappled shade. In such a garden, gardeners can grow leafy vegetables, root crops, and fruiting crops.


Arugula is a vegetable, which needs full sun, but can tolerate partial shade. It needs a rich and well draining soil. It is one of the fastest growing leafy greens, which people love. It has a musky odor and taste and some even find it peppery bite. Gardeners would find it easy to grow from seeds, which are sown directly in the garden.


Beans can tolerate partial shade, and they need medium moisture soil. The best part about growing beans is that, it doesn’t need a lot of effort to grow. There are many varieties of beans that gardeners can sow, like bush beans and pole beans.


Lettuce is very expensive to buy in the supermarket, which is why it is best to grow in one’s own garden. It is best for growing under shade, because it needs cool weather to thrive. If the lettuce is exposed to a full sun, then it will experience premature bolting. For a summer lettuce, a partial shade would be a perfect idea. Also go and check out the raised vegetable garden – click this site.


The taste of carrots, which are pulled directly from the ground, is different compared to the ones that are bought from the supermarket. This is a root crop and many people love it. Even though carrots grow very well when they are fully exposed to the sun, they also grow well in partial shade. However, the time to reach maturity would be different in these shades, and if the gardener has bought a seed packet, then the time would be mentioned there.

Vegetables that can grow under partial shade include arugula, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, Swiss chard, celery and garlic. These are easy to grow vegetables, and are included in multiple dishes.