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Guide To Building A Raised Vegetable Garden

For those who are new at gardening, they might not know what a raised vegetable garden is. A raised bed is about growing plants in rich soil, which is higher than the ground itself. This type of gardening is done with a frame or an enclosure, which is made of wood, stone and hay. In fact, some people use old dressers for this purpose as well. The cost of a raised bed depends on how elaborate it is, but when it is in place, then it won’t be too expensive to maintain it, compared to traditional gardens. Also go and check out the raised bed vegetable gardening for beginners – click resources.

Advantages of Raised Vegetable Garden

There are several advantages for gardeners using raised beds in their garden. The first one is that, the raised garden is above the underground frost line, and this makes the soil warm at a quick pace. When spring arrives, then the gardener can start planting right away. If the gardener wants to keep the soil warm all summer long, then it is best to create walls around the raised bed, of metal, like sheet metal. Metal will accept the heat from the sun, and that sun’s heat can be retained in the rich soil.

Square Foot In Raised Vegetable Garden

When the raised bed is in the shape of a square foot, it allows the gardener to grow more vegetables. Moreover, it gives the gardener control over the quality of the soil, and it won’t act as a hindrance to the vegetable roots from growing. The raised beds don’t have to be very high in this case; six to eight inches would be sufficient; Lakeside Collection.

No tilling Needed in Raised Vegetable Garden

When gardeners don’t make raised beds in the garden, then they have to keep on tilling the soil every year. They have to add fertilizers and amendments, and that can be a stressful process for some gardeners. However, in a raised vegetable garden, a gardener can keep on adding materials to the top of the soil, because that is the best way to maintain it. This includes adding compost and manures on the top, considering the condition of the soil; LeHom.

Health & A Raised Vegetable Garden

If the raised bed is 12 inches deep, then that could be a real health saver for some gardeners. They don’t have to bend down and weed the garden. Weeding the garden usually causes a strain on the knee joints and back. If someone is interested in farming, then they would know what a toll their back takes when they start hand weeding. A raised bed is like an investment in a person’s health.

Raised Vegetable Garden & Critters

Even though slugs can climb, but when the raised bed has tall sides, then that means critters can be kept away. The height of a raised bed discourages dogs from urinating on plants, and if there is a deer problem, then it is best to install a fence.

Lastly, when the soil is raised, then that would be better drainage conditions for the vegetable garden.