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5 Vegetables To Plant In Spring Vegetable Garden

January is the best time to start preparing for a vegetable garden. Cool season vegetables thrive in shorter days, like kohlrabi and kale. When these two vegetables are nipped by frost, then they have a better flavor. Other vegetables that work well in a cool season are cabbage, collards and broccoli. Also go and check out the shade vegetable garden – click this site.


Lettuce is not only used in salads, but people put lettuce in their sandwiches as well. It is the perfect vegetable to plant during spring time. There are many varieties of lettuce that gardeners can choose from. They need protection when they are planted in early spring, but they have a crispy taste afterwards. This vegetable needs frost protection, but even if it doesn’t get it, it won’t bolt. After harvesting the first plantation, the same place can be used for 2-3 more plantations.


Peas are used as a side dish and in salads as well. In fact, it is a tradition among most gardeners to plant the first peas during the St. Patrick’s holiday. However, most can’t take part in this tradition, because of the snow covering their garden. The peas that are planted in late April, which catch up to the peas planted in March. Spring is the perfect weather for peas, because they don’t like freezing temperature. However, they are not a fan of heat as well. Spring time is the perfect weather to plant snow peas, and sugar snap peas; Airrais.


If spinach seeds are sown over frozen ground, they will still give a good harvest. The most important thing to remember when planting spinach is that, it need fertile soil. If the gardener wants a rapid growth and tender leaves, then a fertile soil is a must. If the days are long and warm, then the plant would still grow, but it will have a bitter taste. If the gardener doesn’t want grit free leaves, then they should select other leaf varieties like Giant Nobel.

Spinach is one of those vegetables, which doesn’t take much time to grow. However, to keep it growing is the tricky part. It is going to take a lot of care to grow spinach, but it will be worth the crisp and tangier taste; Hometown Seeds.


This vegetable is either eaten raw or is used in garnishing; some people like to sauté it or use it in their salsa. They have a very quick produce, which is why the gardener would face problem keeping an eye on them. Radishes are mostly pest free, but maggots might attack them; the gardener should keep an eye while they are growing. This is a good plant for those, who have just started gardening, because it always gives a good harvest.


Onions can be grown from seeds or small bulbs, and they should be planted in early spring. In the Northern gardens, long-day varieties are suitable, and in the South, short-day varieties. They should be planted when the weather is cool and not cold.