Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening For Beginners - Bill Lentis Media


A Guide Of Raised Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

Raised bed vegetable gardening is not a new concept. It has been done for many years now, as people grow vegetables in raised beds. In raised beds, the soil level is high as compared to the soil level on the paths. The best advantage that raised bed gardening offers gardeners is that, they don’t have to bend down too low to tend to the plants.

There are some other benefits of raised vegetable gardening as well, which beginners should know about. Also go and check out the potted vegetable garden – click now.

Better Drainage

Raised garden beds are customized for gardeners, and are perfect for beginners. When the native soil starts draining too quickly or slowly, then there is a need for raised vegetable beds. When the vegetable plant is at a raised location, then that improves the drainage in clay soils.

Better Yield

A raised bed warms up more quickly, as compared to the soil on the path or the ground. This is why, a gardener can plant vegetables and sow seeds in them, earlier than a flat bed. The roots will find raised bed, spacious, and can spread out easily looking for nutrients. A plant can be planted densely in a raised bed, as compared to in a garden; Greenes Fence.

The yield of a plant increases, because more vegetables can be planted. Raised beds can be placed in wide rows, and they decrease the amount of space used, compared to when plants are planted on the path.

Weed & Pest Control

Raised have walls around them, and these walls act as a barrier for blowing seeds. Raised gardens can be created with a layer of weed cloth, and it blocks out roots. When new crops are sown, the gardener should make sure that there is no bare dirt left for weeds to come back, and the whole problem would go away.

Pests can be controlled easily in raised beds. For example, snails and slugs can harm plants, but they can’t find their way to a raised bed. Even if they do, they can be easily located and eliminated.

Better Access

Even if someone doesn’t have a back problem or a bending problem, they will appreciate the easy access that a raised bed gives gardeners. Those who are wheelchair bound or can’t move around a lot, will appreciate the access they have to raised bed vegetable gardening.

Creating A Raised Bed

A raised bed can be made easily. Gardeners can use wood, brick or even concrete to make raised beds. If they want a semi-permanent structure for the raised bed, they can use bales of straw. Raised beds can be easily bought online from different online stores like Amazon. The gardener should make sure that when buying raised beds, he considers their size; Coohole. They should assess the location of the garden and then order those raised beds, which would easily fit in the available space. They should use the best soil and fertilizer for raised beds, and beginners can research about these things before ordering.