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Digital Marketing Professional Certificate-Wharton Online -


The video is about digital marketing program at the Wharton School of the Univeristy of Pennyslvania. In this video, people from Wharton’s alumni talk about digital marketing, how it works and why getting a certificate is important.

Digital Marketing Skills

David Bell talks about digital marketing skills and the important role that they play in the workplace; Digital Doughhnut The importance of digital marketing doesn’t change, regardless of the size of a business. If it is a small company, a multinational company or a company comprising of four to five people, digital marketing is still very important. The reason why digital marketing skills are important is because it allows a businessman to talk directly to his customers. It gives him the chance to convey a message to the customer, about what his product or service stands for and to create awareness about it.

Access To Customer Behavior

Digital marketing provides marketers access to customer behavior; Search Engine Journal When they are able to understand customers, their needs and wants, they collect data. Data collection about customer behavior should be used efficiently, as it will benefit digital marketing; if a company knows what customers wants and it produces products or services accordingly, then that could create more opportunities for them.

If marketers develop the ability to understand how digital marketing reaches the customers, and how it impacts them, then that could benefit a company as a whole.

Importance Of Digital Marketing Skills

A course in digital marketing would teach students how to build a social media network, the kind of social media strategies that should be developed, and how a business should leverage their website. Not everyone has the ability to handle digital marketing and explore its opportunities; this is the main reason why digital marketing skills are of importance.

Digital Marketing Certificate

If people can become digital marketers by watching videos, then why would they get a professional certificate? There are two reasons to acquire a digital marketing certificate; Quick Sprout Firstly, students would be able to get familiar with new concepts, like mobile data and search data. They will also learn how to carry out different types of analysis, which can help them make their digital marketing more effective.

Secondly, when they learn about digital marketing, it would help them make better marketing decisions. This is because they learn about new tools and how to analyze data that has been collected about customer behavior.

What’s Different About Wharton?

David Bell emphasizes that the digital marketing course would offer students tools to do their own research and learn more than just what is offered in the course. Understanding the framework of digital marketing and its concepts is the key to knowing how digital marketing can be applied in a real life situation. The course not only makes students aware about digital marketing tools, but also about add-ons that they can apply; it makes them prepared for getting a job in companies that require students to have these digital marketing skills.

There are many jobs in the market that require students to have these skills, but students can only have them if they enroll in digital marketing courses and get a professional certificate.