Private Dentist – Save your Business With Google+ Business Page

Private Dentist - Save your Business With Google+ Business Page -


You’re the doctor of teeth, the protector of all smiles but ironically enough you’ve not been able to smile as often yourself. It’s because of one not so teensy tiny problem in your life: Lack of clients.

We know you’re good with your hands, and I’m sure that skill is probably not the issue here. So “what is,” you ask? Here’s your answer: Effective Promotion. A feat only achievable if you know how to play the right hooks at the right place and at the right time.

Look outside your clinic. The few heads of people that are there waiting for their turn to slip in, are engrossed in their phones, probably interacting with their friends on various social media platforms. Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or maybe perhaps they’re just searching for a place to chill out and relax. Whatever the case maybe, there ‘involvement’ speaks volumes of how you’re prospective may be able to find you.

Your future clients are searching for someone out there and during that search they may end up finding you, but this is only possible if you expose yourself into their world.

Not sure or convinced if it’s worth it? Give me a moment and I will show you 10 reasons why Dentist with private practices needs a Google+ Business Page.

Why Google+?

Free local Impactful Advertising

Advertisement usually calls up for an image of a billboard in our mind, with usually a person smiling with full, gleaming white teethes on the cover. Some think up of the intermissions between shows or the small cheap cutouts people can easily find in on local newspapers. And with every choice we either envision our wallets growing empty or business being the usual- loss making. This is exactly what Google+ comes to avoid. Welcome to the 21st century, this is the, era of technology- where we communicate through online social platforms. By using a Google+ business page you will be using all of those old ad mediums and new ones, rolled on and into one spot. If that doesn’t speak of power, then I don’t know what does.

Local Search

Say goodbye to that unnecessarily huge and old yellow paged book. Times have changed and apparently so have searches. Today, with smartphones being our own little hero, searching for a good dentist is as easy as saying ‘cheese’. Google search provides relevant content and pages to searchers, according to the search criteria that they have keyed in. Due to the ease of it all, it’s the first place; your potential clients will look at, if they ever need a flossing.

Clients And Ratings

The best part Google+ pages has to offer is that the real clients can feel free to give your their feedback on how their experience had been for them. Like all businesses, such ratings will increase the overall authenticity of the business and also creates a trust in the ability of the service provider. These ratings therefore, affect your local SEO value as they end up showing on the Google’s search and likewise, the overall demand of your services. So the third point for today is ‘Make your Clients happy’ and if you succeed, rest assured, you can easily be your city’s good-to-go dentist in no time.


Google+ business page and Google’s search engine indexes all of your post, without a penny. Stay active and posting daily can therefore lead you to no harm-just plain benefit.

Brand It

Google+ Business pages make branding your business all the more easier. Add in your special photo, the one that shows all of your perfect teeth, along with your partners and let the word out. With your USP up there on the header, you can gladly say hello to a victory for settling up in your social platform.


One of the best things about Google+, besides all the other things, is the ease it provide you when it comes to social interaction. You can simply add your client, if they’re on Google+, to your client circle and if you’re lucky enough to get circled back then you can keep them updated on all latest promotions and deals they’d be missing out on if they decided to hang onto a substitute.

Special Offers

Special offers never get old. You can promote your dental practice by providing special offers right from your Google+ account. All you would have to do is add a post describing the special offer to your clients- existing and prospective. Add it to your page and link it to a Call to Action and we’re almost done. Then, you probably just have to wait for the customers to come rolling in.

Stay Informed With Colleagues

Using communities to work or connect with colleagues around the world is also a pretty neat idea. It’s all possible and doable. Just press that home button and search down for dental related to communities. With one keyword you would probably find more of them then you would like to count.

Trust Is A Must

For all relationships trust is the making factor and Google+ Business pages allow you to do just that. By interacting, following and helping out others in the communities, you’re improving you’re overall image on the social platform. This will automatically improve your outlook in the eyes of the people who come across your page and make you look good in their eyes.

Google+ Business pages, makes everything a whole lot easier, doesn’t it? Your profile page works as you own personal advertisement without a cost. It improves your brand image and allows you to interact and get immediate feedback. People in your local area will know about you without your having to hand them fliers. Plus, it will save you tons of time and with that time and money you can promote yourself further and do a good deed- a win-win, by funding charities or just maybe get the new latest dentist machines and equipment.

What more is there to offer? This is your chance and I know you’ll make the most of it!